African Roots Podcast Episode #303 January 23, 2015

This Week's Pod Cast

Welcome back to the African Roots Podcast! You can reach me HERE.

Hope you are all well as January is quickly passing. We are two weeks away from the beginning of the season of conferences and events!


Genealogy Department at Indiana State Library to Close
This news was shared this week on social media. There is a state budget bill being considered to cut 24% at the Indiana State Library, which will completely close the Genealogy Department of the state library. This is not just a heads up, but possibly a call to action to contact your state representative. Rep Timothy Brown is a contact person and hopefully people even from other states, may also respond. Libraries are often hit when such things happen, so contact the representatives. I have a LINK for you  here.


Wisconsin Black Historical Society to Hold Conference in February
I recently learned that Melvin J. Collier, author and blogger will be featured at that event coming up on February 28th. I am putting more information for you to their website.


The Fairfax Genealogy Society is hosting their spring event for March 2015. For African American researchers one can experience a full day of workshops by Char McCargo Bah. Many of us know about her work in northern Virginia genealogy. She will give 4 distinct workshops on that day. It promises to be an excellent event! Explore a link to the conference. Registration HERE.
And in just two weeks the all day genealogy Conference on African American Genealogy will take place in Kensington MD. This will unfold at the Family History Center in Laurel MD on Contee Road. I hope that many of you in the mid-Atlantic states will attend the conference. Five genealogy societies and the Family History centers are sponsoring this event on February 7, 2015

Roots Tech is coming!! Actually FGS and Roots Tech will unfold the second week in February. There are several speakers of color this year, including the coordinators of MAAGI will also be in Salt Lake City. I hope all of you in the west, California, Arizona, Colorado, and Utah—please join us in Salt Lake City!


A Family History Writing Challenge!
There is a wonderful opportunity for family historians to write! This is the chance to participate in a 28-day writing project! Well why not consider the Family History Writing ChallengeWhat a great opportunity that could be loads of fun.


Descendants of Solomon Northup on Bernice Bennett’s Show

Last night’s episode of Bernice Bennett’s show was amazing. She featured descendants of Solomon Northup, author, of 12 Years a Slave. They are also members of the board of the Solomon Northup Foundation. They are working hard to keep the legacy of Solomon Northup alive. Tune in for the archived podcast, if you missed it. Ms. Bennett’s show airs every Thursday evening on Blog Talk Radio.

Well, thank you for tuning in one more time to listen. I appreciate the notes and messages that you have shared with me and appreciate you for also taking time to hear this podcast. Have a wonderful week of research and remember to keep researching, keep documenting and to keep sharing what you find!

African Roots Podcast Episode #302 January 16, 2015

This Week's Pod Cast


Welcome back to the 302nd episode of the African Roots Podcast! You can reach me HERE.


Well January is rolling right along folks and this is the holiday weekend honoring Dr. Martin Luther King. I hope that you will take some time to reflect upon his legacy, and to do something in service this weekend, which honors him as well. And this milestone year is one to pause and remember. 50 years of Civil Rights, and 150 years of Freedom. For only 50 years we have been able to stay in hotels, eat in restaurants, and truly be able to move freely. Truly–that is perhaps the real beginning of freedom. These are privileges that we did not always have and 50 years ago the oppression is something that we shall not forget. Let’s honor Dr. King, Fannie Lou Hamer,  the slain Civil Rights workers, Medgar Evers and everyone who sacrificed so much!  Let us honor them all. So as you look for and find the family freedom story–don’t forget to tell the family Civil Rights story. All are part of the family narrative.

AAHGS Web Design
Call for Papers Forthcoming
The 2015 Conference for AAHGS will be released any day now. This year the conference will be in Richmond Virginia. This will be a great day to research and the amazing Library of Virginia. As we know for African Americans, Virginia is ground zero for so many with southern ties, so make plans now to attend. And for those of you who have a story to tell, a method to teach, a process to share, consider attending the October conference in Richmond Virginia.


Legacy Presents the Freedom Series!
Family Tree Webinars will honor the theme of Freedom with a series of Webinars focusing on Freedom that came 150 years ago, when millions of enslaved people gained true freedom and a chance to live as human beings with their families.
February 20th, April 24th, July 31,  September 24. The presenters are Angela Walton-Raji, Bernice Alexander Bennett, Melvin Collier. The entire schedule of speakers offered by Legacy Family Tree, can be found HERE.

Speaking of Bernice, last night, her show featured Theresa Kemp who has written the book called Keeper of the Fire. She discussed her book of over 480 pages of her own family history. Her show airs every Thursday evening at 9pm on Blog Talk Radio.
Genealogists Share Rare Documents on Social Media

I hope that you will explore the AfriGeneas Facebook group. This week, quite a few amazing documents, census, Indian Territory documents, wills and more have helped to stimulate amazing discussion and some very interesting threads.


GenealogyRoadShowSeason Two of the Genealogy Roadshow
This week the Roadshow opened on PBS and it was focusing on families in New Orleans. Next week we are all looking forward to seeing our genea-friend True Lewis whose family story will be featured.

MAAGI Banner Framed
MAAGI 2015 Plans Underway
Mark your calendars for July 7 – 9 in St Louis to attend MAAGI, the Midwest African American Genealogy Institute. Three tracks will be offered this coming  year. Two tracks have merged for this coming year, and the merged track will be a writing track.


All Day African American Genealogy Conference February 7, 2015
Roots Tech, Salt Lake City February 12
FGS Conference, Salt Lake City  February 12
Legacy Family Tree Webinar
National Archives, Atlanta GA.
Enoch Pratt Library, All Day Seminar African-Native American Day March Baltimore MD
SCGS Burbank, California Genealogy Jamboree
MAAGI , St. Louis Missouri

Other events: Juneteenth, Family Reunions, and Church Homecomings, AAHGS Conference! So many things are underway.

And if you live in Virginia, keeps your eyes open for the June production of Drusilla Pair who will present her own Juneteenth Jubilee production on stage! She has taken her love of history and genealogy to the stage, so if you can, follow her, and watch for her upcoming announcements.


Juneteenth Will Celebrate 150 Years of Freedom!
Don’t forget to watch out for the major Juneteenth events. Also please take some time to reflect upon the legacy of Dr. King. The season of celebration of history, freedom, resilience of the family story. Let’s get busy, find the story, tell the story, and read the stories that others have written. We have a lot to talk about–50 years of civil rights, and 150 years of freedom. Become the portal through which the family story can come.

Thank you all so much for sharing things with me, and for taking out time to also listen. The new year is off to a good start, and let’s make it better.

Remember to keep researching, keep documenting, and keep sharing what you find.