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Welcome back to the African Roots Podcast! My name is Angela Walton-Raji and you can always reach me at

Hope you are having a great 4th of July weekend!

This is mid-summer at last—and things are going on. Today is the last day to save some money through Early Bird registration for the Federation of Genealogy Societies conference in Springfield Illinois. And speaking of the conference there are several workshops of interest to African American researchers. Dr. Deborah Abbott, Tim Pinnick and others will be presenting. There will also be a presentation about the African American collection on

In July, in Arkansas there will be an all day genealogy workshop at the Butler Center. The event is free and will go from 9-3pm. So if you live in or near Little Rock, you might want to consider attending.

Ok—do you need a reason to go to the Bahamas? Well here is one? How about the Bahamas Genealogy Conference. That’s right, on July 16th the Bahaminan Cultural Center is presenting this event.

On of the speakers will be speaking about land, and this is something that can hold so many answers for us about our ancestors’ histories. A recent letter sent to me about a plantation in Georgia. She wanted to know how to learn about this estate. Well, beyond the few facts from oral history—I recommend land records. The county courthouse will have maps and records that reflect early answers. I recommend noting those who lived and worked on the plantation from the census, but from there—land records—maps–county maps, plat maps and even topographical maps can reveal so much about the quality of lives of the answers as well. Some resources will also be Google Earth, as well as local county records. There are hundreds of maps in the public domain, and I will be blogging about this in the next several months.

Well, thanks for listening! Have a great holiday weekend, make some memories with the family, and please keep researching, keep documenting, and keep sharing what you find.

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