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(I know—I saw 407th–its really the 408th episode! LOL!)

Well here we are in March, waiting for spring and we are now waiting for a snowstorm here in the Northeast! Crazy weather—spring like weather in February and now we are waiting for snow. Well we are overdue, so after that we can move into spring later this month.

Source of Image: Charleston City Paper

News from South Carolina! The International African American Museum has been given approval from the BAR, the Board of Architectual Review has given the green light for this event! It is believed that 100,000 Africans were brought into South Carolina and it will be at Gadsen’s Wharf. This is exciting because the talk of the Museum, now makes this a reality. Happy to share this with you, and a link to the story!


James T. Rapier, Attorney, Statesman, Leader

James T. Rapier Papers to be Digitized

A new collection will be digitized—those of James T. Rapier, who made his presence known in Alabama, during the post Civil War  years. This man born a slave, later freed in the 1850s and who became a lawyer, lived in Florence Alabama, and became a land owner, then in Nashville Tennessee, as well. In addition, he also influenced happenings in Buxton Ontario as well. The exciting news is that his papers will be digitized. Here is a link to the story about the Rapier digitized papers.


Descendant of Supreme Court Judge Apologizes to Dred Scott Family Descendant

This story comes out of Maryland where I live, and I missed it earlier this week, but it deserves mention. A descendant of  Roger Taney, the judge who made the decision apologized to a descendant of Dred Scott for the decision made at that time. He apologized for the words that were written by Roger Brook Taney. He wrote that African Americans should not have rights of their own and that they were inferior to white people. She is the great great granddaughter of Dred Scott.  She accepted the apology for behalf of all African Americans.  I appreciate that a decision of the man who handed down that awful decision, realized that it was an awful decision. The gesture of apology was made in front of a statue of the man who handed down the decision.

This week marked the 160th anniversary of the Dred Scott decision.


Don’t forget #GenChat on Twitter tonight!! Watch a group of genealogists talk from all over the world. I met someone from #genchat is tonight!


Black Pro Gen LIVE met this past week, and if you missed it, tune in and hear the discussion. We also had our Ask Mariah segment and were able to share our thoughts and ideas and pass on tips to the inquiring person with the brick wall challenges. We are back on our Tuesday night schedule again! We talk about the news, and how it affects all of us in the genealogy community. We shared our reactions and concerns.


Bernice Bennett had Dr. Orville Burton on her show “Research at the National Archives & Beyond. He talked a lot about historial policies, of 19th century south. We all learned so much from him. You can always catch her shows on Thursday evenings live at 9pm EST on Blog Talk Radio.


Listen to Podcast HERE.

I am excited to have been a guest on Lisa Louise Cook’s Genealogy Gems Podcast, and you can tune in to hear that episode. My segment begins at 23:10. We discussed the recent webinar that I gave for Family Tree University.


Bernice Bennett to Discuss DNA in Charlottesville VA

Bernice Bennet will present on March 14th and she will discuss DNA and how it can enhance your genealogy research, at 7 pm at the Jefferson School in Charlottesville.


Find My Past to Release Catholic Sacramental Records

Great news for people with Catholic history in the family—sacramental records are now on Find My Past. The Catholic Heritage Archives. Three archdiocese will be shared—New York, Philadelphia, and Baltimore. There are many African American Catholic communities. I know that besides Maryland, that friends in Louisiana will be excited when their records are made available.


Well, time to wind things down for the week. If you are in the path of the ongoing snowstorm, stay safe and dry. In the meantime keep researching, keep documenting, and keep sharing what you find.


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