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Well this is the end of January and we are almost going into February. And as you know February is Black History Month, but of course for me, every month is Black History Month. But—there are many events coming up all over the country and it is exciting to see that many of them are historical and genealogical events in particular. It seems like next weekend is the kick off for lots of societies and I am happy to share with you, some that were shared with me.


Well it is time for Roots Tech!! It is going to be wonderful and this year there is an African American roster of speakers—which is a big change from the past. Take a look at the array of speakers this year.



MAAGI Registration is Open and Filling Quickly!

Well one track is already filled– at MAAGI—-the DNA track now has a waiting list.
July 11-13th 2017 at the Genealogy Center at the Allen County Library in Ft. Wayne Indiana, the second largest genealogy repository in the country—so take a look, saver you space and register now!

Join BlackProGenLIVE will be hosting LIVE meetings every week throughout the month of February. Feedback has been fantastic, and we heard from a listener who found something after listening to the team talk about genealogy strategies. Let us hear from you if you want us to discuss something of genealogical interest. AND—we will be coming to you LIVE from Roots Tech—so join us in February and every week throughout the month. Here is a link to the most recent one.


You have heard me speak about the value of Civil War research. Well last night’s episode of Bernice Bennett’s show featured Alvin Blakes who has had his family history opened in a dramatic way by obtaining a remarkable pension file. He was a guest on her show and he shared an incredible pension file that opened doors for him. I have found many of my own ancestors who were union soldiers and who served with the United States Colored Troops during the Civil War. And Mr. Blakes has found his family’s historical doors opened by the file that he obtained. He shared how that file became a genealogy gateway to the past. You can catch her show every week live at 9pm on Thursdays and if you miss it live, you can hear it as a podcast after the broadcast.


The Annual AAHGS Genealogy Conference for Black History Month will be underway at the Family History Center in Laurel Maryland. 

The event is free but you are required to register in advance for the event. Of course there are many such events around the country–so check to see what is going on with your own local genealogical societies, or the ASALH chapters in your area.


It is time to expand your education. There also webinars and chances to get some training online. Check out upcoming webinars, there are speakers at Legacy Family Tree Webinars. And Family Tree Magazine is holding a special webinar on February 16th. Start to tune in to the amazing speakers and presenters online and at major events going on around the country. Put your antenna out for people like Shelley Murphy, Bernice Bennett, Melvin Collier, Janis Minor Forté, Nicka Smith, and other colleagues. Follow them, and catch them this month and throughout the year.


Thank you for tuning in, hearing from you has been a pleasure, and please let me know what kinds of things you want to have addressed here on the podcast. I appreciate your time, and in the meantime, keep researching, keep documenting, and keep sharing what you find!


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  1. Alvin Blakes says:


    Thanks for all this valuable African Roots information you are sharing on your Blog and Podcast. Also, thanks for tuning in and giving me encouragement and comments on my BlogTalkRadio interview (twice). Whenever you have some time, please email me and reshare some of your thoughts and tips as I begin writing my story.


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