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Welcome back to episode #401 of the African Roots Podcast! You can always reach me at


Melvin Collier–Congratulations on Historic Trip to West Africa!


Congratulations to Melvin Collier who has been sharing amazing images on his trip home to Ghana. This is truly a trip home to meet family–for the first time. If you are on Facebook then take a look at the amazing images that he has shared on the family that he has met—DNA relations—and he has truly taken a trip “home.” Well done, Melvin Collier, well done!


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Registration for MAAGI is now open!

Two Free Genealogy Workshops in February



The AFRO-AMERICAN OGICAL SOCIETY (AAHGS) will conduct a 2017 Black History Month Genealogy Conference  on Saturday, February 4, 2017 from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.  Although there is NO COST,  REGISTRATION is PREFERRED.   The Conference will be at SAINT AUGUSTINE’S UNIVERSITY,  Prezell R. Robinson Library, 1315 Oakwood Ave., Raleigh, NC 27610.

The purpose of the Conference is to introduce individuals  to Genealogy Research and how to trace their Family History.  There will be 9 Workshops (Church and Cemetery Records, Preparing Your Visual Family History Display, Basics of Genealogy Research (For Beginners), My DNA/23andMe, Publishing Family Histories, Family Tree Maker and other Genealogy Software, Freedmen & Friends in Shades of Brown, How to Protect Your Documents & Family Heritage, and Searching Register of Deeds & the  “Slave Deeds Project”) at the Conference.

Genealogical Materials and Displays will be part of the Conference.

The Conference is sponsored by the Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society, Inc. (Charlotte AAGIG Chapter, Charlotte, NC; Piedmont-Triad Chapter, Greensboro, NC; and the Triangle Chapter, Raleigh, NC).

For additional information, please call or Email:

  • Wanda Cox-Bailey – (919) 856-5724 (Raleigh/Durham)
  • Lamar E. DeLoatch – (336) 547-0178 (Greensboro)
  • Chris Kite – Email:

Bernice's Show Logo

I mentioned the theme of the Maryland event–From the Archives to the Classroom, well did you catch Bernice Bennett’s show last night? If not tune in an listen to the podcast. Her guest was Dana Saxon who has made the transition–as she has crossed the bridge and moved into the educational sector by partnering with school districts to teach teachers and young people the genealogical process. Listen to the show you will be inspired. As you know Ms. Bennet’s show airs every week on Thursday evenings at 9pm on Blog Talk Radio.


Need Help With Civil War Research?  Contact me at


Congratulations to the people working to preserve the Jane Gates House in western Maryland. Well, the Jane Gates House is located in that part of the state. This is home of a woman born enslaved who managed to support her family and in 1871, purchased her own property and raised her family there. She became the matriarch of the Gates family—yes–the family of Henry Louis Gates. The goal is to preserve her home, but to also turn the structure into a center of African American History and Preservation. They have receive a $100,000 grant to preserve the home. This is inspiring to encourage us all to look at those facilities in our own communities to preserve old structures and to tell the story.


Smithsonian Museum Changing Ticket Distribution Policies.

Tickets will be available in a more accessible way for visitors. Same day tickets will be available with a few more options to visit the museum. Here is a link with more information for you.


Time to wind down, I know you are busy, but I appreciate your taking time for tuning into the podcast. Make some new memories, tell the stories, and in the meantime, remember to keep researching, keep documenting, and sharing what you find.

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