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Welcome back to the African Roots Podcast!  You can reach me HERE.

Well, autumn, is officially only a few days away! I hope that you have had a great week of research and genealogical searching.

**********************************************************************************************************************************56th US Colored Infantry Ceremony

Special thanks, Sarah Cato for sharing this image.

Today our friends in St. Louis are honoring men of the 56th US Colored Infantry.  A ceremony recognizing this Arkansas unit of Black Union soldiers  56th US Colored Infantry is taking place today in St. Louis. Though organized in Arkansas, many of the men in this unit came from the state of Missouri. Also this is the same group where a large number of men perished at the very end of the Civil War in a cholera epidemic on their way back to St. Louis in 1866. They were at first buried at Quarantine Island, and were later buried in a mass grave at Jefferson Barracks National Ceremony.  Last year a special ceremony was held to honor them, when a special plaque was placed there to put the names of the graves where the men in the mass grave now lie and today another event is being held in their honor. More information can be found HERE.


CAAGS Announces the 30th Anniversary
CAAGS Call for Papers


Indiana Group Holds Annual Conference


Tomorrow in Indianapolis Indiana—the Indiana African American Genealogy Group is hosting an event! They have two special speakers—Michael Henderson, and Robin Foster. Many of you are familiar with Michael Henderson and his work, “Got Proof”. He has documented his ancestors to the early colonial time in America and has told the story in his book of his ancestors who were American Patriots. His research is sound and his research and work have provided enough data that he was eligible and joined the Sons of the American Revolution. He will be speaking about that journey to document his ancestors. His second presentation will be Manumissions and Motivations: Decoding Freedom Papers to Uncover Family Connections.

Their second speaker is another person with whom many of you are familiar. Robin Foster! How good to see that she is now speaking on the national circuit. Her two sessions are: Finding your Ancestors in Freedmen’s Bureau Records, and Using Social Media in Genealogical Research. This will be hosted at the Eiteljorg Museum in downtown Indianapolis. For more information:



Register HERE

Are you registered yet for ROOTS TECH 2016?   Registration is now open!!!  Calling all friends from the western states, then note that the coordinators of MAAGI will be speaking at ROOTS Tech 2016!  Join us!




Georgia Genealogical Society to Host Tim Pinnick

Researchers in Atlanta will have a chance to hear four presentations by Tim Pinnick. His topics are:

Maximizing Your Reach:  Research in University Libraries
Researching Civilian Conservation Camp Newspapers
Researching Your Civil War Ancestor in the Grand Army of the Republic
Congressional Hearings:  A Primer on This Valuable Resource

For information click HERE.

Academic Society to Examine Genealogy as a entity. 

PCA/ACA to present conference on Genealogy in popular culture

Interested scholars are invited to submit papers for the:
2016 Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association Annual Conference
Seattle, Washington,
March 21-25, 2016

Academics studying and writing on American popular culture might examine genealogy within the context of television and literary disciplines, library and archival disciplines, American and public history disciplines, museum studies, or folklore. Proposals for papers or panel presentations regarding any aspect of these or other connections would be welcome.

Possible themes for papers/panels include but are not restricted to:

  • DNA in genealogy
  • Comparison of different genealogy television programs
  • Comparison of US genealogy television programs with British or Canadian programs
  • Study of the motivations for researching family history
  • Religious aspect of family history (e.g., LDS church)
  • Those who are interested are urged to submit an abstract of no more than 250 words. Potential participants do not need to be members to submit proposals; however, membership in PCA/ACA and registration for the conference are required in order to present.

Please send all inquiries to:

Bruce E. Drushel, Ph.D.
VP Programming & Area Chairs, PCA/ACA


Volunteers Needed for Archaeology Dig

Information HERE

Have you ever wanted to go and participate in an Archealogical dig?

Well, next week on September 22 and 23,  you will have your chance. The site is the 18th century slave quarters section of what was the old Carter’s Grove Plantation. For the past several years archaeologists have been excavating the area during the biannual public archaeology dig for the past several years. Now this area is located in York County Virginia. This site has yielded a number of artifacts. Last year a cellar was discovered and that area will be explored during this year’s dig.  What is great is that no prior experience is required and that one can sign up for morning or afternoon on either of the two days. For information send email to

A quick shout-out to the authors of Our Ancestors, Our Stories who are in Edgefield South, Carolina for the Southern Showcase and having a book signing, this weekend! Hope that all goes well there.
Time for me to wind things down for another week. I look forward to some time at the National Archives and hope that many of you will tune into the webinar next week.

Thanks for being here and sharing your information with me. In the meantime, keep researching, keep documenting, and keep sharing what you find.

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