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Welcome back to the African Roots Podcast! You can reach me HERE.

Hope you are all well as January is quickly passing. We are two weeks away from the beginning of the season of conferences and events!


Genealogy Department at Indiana State Library to Close
This news was shared this week on social media. There is a state budget bill being considered to cut 24% at the Indiana State Library, which will completely close the Genealogy Department of the state library. This is not just a heads up, but possibly a call to action to contact your state representative. Rep Timothy Brown is a contact person and hopefully people even from other states, may also respond. Libraries are often hit when such things happen, so contact the representatives. I have a LINK for you  here.


Wisconsin Black Historical Society to Hold Conference in February
I recently learned that Melvin J. Collier, author and blogger will be featured at that event coming up on February 28th. I am putting more information for you to their website.


The Fairfax Genealogy Society is hosting their spring event for March 2015. For African American researchers one can experience a full day of workshops by Char McCargo Bah. Many of us know about her work in northern Virginia genealogy. She will give 4 distinct workshops on that day. It promises to be an excellent event! Explore a link to the conference. Registration HERE.
And in just two weeks the all day genealogy Conference on African American Genealogy will take place in Kensington MD. This will unfold at the Family History Center in Laurel MD on Contee Road. I hope that many of you in the mid-Atlantic states will attend the conference. Five genealogy societies and the Family History centers are sponsoring this event on February 7, 2015

Roots Tech is coming!! Actually FGS and Roots Tech will unfold the second week in February. There are several speakers of color this year, including the coordinators of MAAGI will also be in Salt Lake City. I hope all of you in the west, California, Arizona, Colorado, and Utah—please join us in Salt Lake City!


A Family History Writing Challenge!
There is a wonderful opportunity for family historians to write! This is the chance to participate in a 28-day writing project! Well why not consider the Family History Writing ChallengeWhat a great opportunity that could be loads of fun.


Descendants of Solomon Northup on Bernice Bennett’s Show

Last night’s episode of Bernice Bennett’s show was amazing. She featured descendants of Solomon Northup, author, of 12 Years a Slave. They are also members of the board of the Solomon Northup Foundation. They are working hard to keep the legacy of Solomon Northup alive. Tune in for the archived podcast, if you missed it. Ms. Bennett’s show airs every Thursday evening on Blog Talk Radio.

Well, thank you for tuning in one more time to listen. I appreciate the notes and messages that you have shared with me and appreciate you for also taking time to hear this podcast. Have a wonderful week of research and remember to keep researching, keep documenting and to keep sharing what you find!

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