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Well, welcome to the end of August and school starts on Monday here in Maryland, so the summer season is quickly winding down. I hope it has been pleasant where you are and that you will enjoy the remaining balmy nights before the weather changes into fall. And much success to the children as school reopens.


A shout out to friends in St. Louis as they will be attending the taping of the Genealogy Roadshow. The St. Louis African American Genealogy Society will be setting up a booth along with other societies and they will also be able to watch the excitement as the TV show unfolds. Also a friend from the Facebook community is there and will be featured on the show. True Lewis, whom many of us know from the Facebook group will have her genealogy featured on the Road Show, so we will be watching to see our many friends when the show airs in the fall.


I know many are getting ready to attend workshops in the fall from Savannah to Chicago, AAHGS, and more. But let’s not forget that in spite of the specialized workshops–there is still room for beginners. We need to always brush up on the basic strategies of research. And today genealogy is taught so differently. One need not learn the Soundex system when one had to know it 20 years ago. So I am glad to point out that in Maryland, in Columbia , there will be a Genealogy Basics for Beginners tomorrow at 2:00 pm. It is free and sponsored by the Central MD AAHGS. More information on the website.

News from Ancestry!
This past June, Ancestry announced plans to retire the My Canvas website . Well there was a strong voice of concern expressed that My Canvas will not be retired after all, but will simply be moved to Alexanders, a Utah based printing company.

“The transition of MyCanvas will take about six months. But in the meantime, all MyCanvas projects will remain accessible on until it moves over to Alexander’s next year,” according to Ancestry staff.


Story Corps

Story Corps is on the Road!

Since everyone does not choose to write their story, Story Corps provides another method. And there is a chance to tell your own story when the Mobile Booth comes to selected American Cities. I learned that this year Story Corps will be visiting Grand Rapids, Michigan, St. Louis Missouri, Tulsa Oklahoma, and Dallas Texas!

I am impressed with the many initiatives that this amazing oral history program provides, and there are some interesting intiatives that they have. There is a military initiative, the Griot initiative, Historias, and so much more! Take a look at this platform for telling your story!  You might find that this is what you are searching for.


Bernice Bennett’s Show featured Antoinette Harrell last night who addressed the issue of Peonage and how many families were re-enslaved after the Civil War, and also how this new form of forced labor lasted until the 20th century. This is not a pleasant story to research, but it is one where some families may find data on their own ancestors who may have been held. Record Group 60 at the National Archives holds many of the cases worth studying. Ms. Bennett’s show airs every Thursday evening on Blog Talk Radio.


(Courtesy of Sarah Cato) 

Well it has been a week since the folks in friends who are supporters of the 56th US Colored Infantry honored the men who were buried in the mass grave. The names of the men were reach, Echo Taps was played, re-enactors were there, and of course the local dignitaries were as well. Congratulations to Sarah Cato and the committee for honoring those men who fought for freedom and won.


Root Digger Genealogy

I want to extend best wishes to Yvette Porter Moore as she launches her own Blog Talk Radio show on Monday! Let’s all tune in to hear her show at 9pm on Monday Eastern time. She has been extremely busy this year and now that fall approaches, she is really reaching out in new directions! Her Root Digger site is busy again and she has also launched her own publishing company in addition to her other new projects that are emerging!  So all the best, to Yvette!


Well thanks again for tuning in this week. Have a wonderful week and remember to keep researching, keep documenting and to keep sharing what you find.

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