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The Abolitionsist’s Children’s Primer

Sometimes it is good to revisit old sites. This is a fascinating primer that I noticed some time ago and still find it fascinating. It is an alphabet primer, but the letters of the alphabet are based on topics with an anti-slavery theme. This fascinating document is housed at the Mississippi State Archives, but it is also digitized online and it is one of those rare gems that one finds in state archives and among their digitized collection.  Take a look at this primer and it something to appreciate and to share.


Researchers Sought for Black Revolutionary Patriots

Friends of Minute Man Project

In New England there is a Minute Man National Park and the Friends of Minute Man, a group based in Massachusetts, is looking for a researcher to explore the history of Patriots who were men of color during the years of the America Revolution. There are some specific questions to be addressed in the project. Among some of the questions are:

  • How many men of color from Massachusetts who fought in the American Revolution were free?
  • How many men of color from Massachusetts who fought in the American Revolution were enslaved?
  • Were those who were enslaved during their enlistment emancipated because of their military service? and many more questions.

There is a short window for this project as the deadline is May 30th, so only a few weeks remain to be considered. The payment for the researcher is $2000 and if you are interested instructions are found in the PDF Download HERE. You can also contact the project directors HERE.


Deadlines approaching for Calls for Papers!

A reminder that the month of May and June are deadline months for those of you considering presenting at either Roots Tech, FGS (Federation of Genealogical Societies), or both. Remember that both conferences will converge upon Salt Lake City in February of 2015 and that promises to be a milestone year for so many reasons, so I hope that you will look at the requirements for presenting at both conferences.


Yearning for a Sense of Belonging, History and Unity


Last night’s episode of Bernice Bennett’s Blog Radio program was quite good. Her guest was David Wellington who shared his personal experience as he was able to research his family history and document his Civil War ancestor, Frank Worthington. His journey was one that reminds older researchers of the joy of making that first discovery when you see the ancestor’s name in the record for the first time. He spoke about how he shared this information with the family, and how we was able to transform mere data into an experience that could be embraced by the entire extended family and across the generations.  His work turned into a family book, a dramatic stage production, and how now the reunions are not simply folks mixing and eating together, but a true celebration of who they are and their history.

The episode is in two parts, as a thunderstorm interrupted the broadcast, for a few moments but in part 2 Mr. Wellington spoke about the need for healing–and understanding a sense of worth coming from one’s history! It is a story of empowerment. Tune in to listen to this story on Blog Talk Radio. Remember to hear both parts—and appreciate the work conducted by this researcher and how it has helped him to heal. Ms. Bennett’s show airs every Thursday evening at 9pm on Blog Talk Radio.


Got Genealogy Hosts Technology Retreat


Lisa Lee of Northern California and host of has announced a new technology retreat, to assist genealogists with coming up to par in the technology world. This is a five day intense workshop with one on one attention by Ms. Lee who is a I.T. specialist by profession. The workshop begins next week, so register while you can!  More on the 5 day workshop can be found on her website, Got Genealogy. 


Well thank you all for listening this week as I know you are all busy and involved in multiple projects. Stay focused on what you are doing and remember to keep researching, keep documenting and keep sharing what you find!


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  1. Deloris C Harrington says:

    My Roots are also in Mississippi and I am very interested in your African Roots Podcast.

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