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Stepping Outside the Box – A Hat Program


Congratulations to Drusilla Pair who is having the third annual Hat Program at the Newport News Virginia Newsome House. This is one of those “Stepping Outside the Box” programs, where she has taken family artifacts and turned her appreciation into a full program. I think many will find this an enjoyable event. What is neat is that it has now become an annual event in the local community. These are the kinds of things that I like–taking an interest, studying it and expandind it incorporating the skills that you have already into something new. This will unfold tomorrow and I certainly wish her well!




      Roots Tech Call for Papers        FGS Call for Papers  

Well these two announcements were made this week for what will probably be the largest genealogy gathering in the world! I am talking about 2015, when both Roots Tech and the Federation of Genealogical Societies will hold their conferences at the same time in Salt Lake City Utah! The time will be February 2015 and both have released their call for papers! This is a great opportunity for professionals to step up and step out with proposals to come and share your knowledge, and expertise with the world!  I have provided links to both Calls for papers above for you.

This might be a good time however, to also pay attention to those other calls for papers in our region and to make a commitment to learning about our own local history or the history where our ancestors lived. Conferences taking place in many locations, and we need to commit ourselves to telling that story in those communities as well.


Create your Own Timeline


What dates in history are in your head? 1492? 1776? 1859? 1865?  What dates do you have on your mind that are part of you family history? Do we have a good concept of history? Do we know what dates are critical ones for researchers of African Ancestored families? We may need to consider creating a good workable time line, so that we can understand what happened on a large scale and apply it to our own family situation. We should all know what happened in 1865—but there are other critical years that we need to understand. I know from social media this week someone asked about slave records, but the inquiry was made about an institution that was not created until decades after slavery ended. In addition to years—we need to have places on our minds–ports of entry for slaves brought to America as well.

This is the time therefore to revisit history. We need to see that knowledge of history is essential and we do need to commit ourselves to learning about it.


Blog Radio Interview – The Author’s Midwife


Last night’s episode on Bernice Bennett’s Blog Radio program, was refreshing and I was re-inspired when I listened to the rebroadcast of the interview with Anita Paul, the Author’s Midwife. She talked about the organization of the book project. I loved her emphasis on good editing, and the value of  understanding one’s audience. You will be inspired, so I urge you to tune in to “Research at the National Archives and Beyond”. Ms. Bennett’s show airs every Thursday evening at 9pm EST on Blog Talk Radio.


Civil War Re-enactments Unfolding


Glad to see that there is more activity involving the actions of the US Colored Troops and the treasuring of history and actions of the Black Union soldiers in the US Civil War. I am glad to see that Joseph McGill is taking his Slave Dwelling Project soon to Nashville Tennessee. I urge you to join him and join others in studying this history and to embrace the places, the dwellings and in general the history of the old estates and the humble slave dwellings. This is so important.

I hope that we also learn from him, who has taken his level of being the history professional in a new direction. We are all teachers, and as a result we have entered the arena of being a professional genealogist as well. So much of what we do is important, but we need to recognize it as such. As teachers, we know that teachers are part of a noble profession. Researchers, scholars and genealogists are as well. Let’s start to look at ourselves as part of a professional team to tell the story.


A Musical Invitation


A Musical invitation has been released, and this is different. Here is a portion from the press release that I received:

“At her Sunday recital, ROCHELLE SMALL CLIFFORD will debut a new cycle of songs on which she collaborated with internaitonally celebrated composer Valerie Coleman Page (IMANI WINDS). This cycle “Trailing Tears to Triumph (Life Beyond the Dawes Rolls) consists of three songs which focus on themes central to her roots here. “SOIL, TO SHE,” which is an a cappella vocalise about her relationship to the scent of the soil in this region, most specifically Oklahoma and Kansas. …“SILVER COINS” is a glimpse into the complex landscape concerning the FREEDMEN of the FIVE CIVILIZED TRIBES. Her desire to produce this piece was rooted in a deep-seated pride for her many ancestors: slaves owned by Cherokees and Creeks, who survived the bitter TRAIL OF TEARS to help settle the West. Lastly, “CWW” is a stirring portrayal of her grandfather, Curtis Willie Webber, who was a contractor for many building projects in and around Kansas and Oklahoma. “

This is quite unique and sounds quite fascinating. It will occur on May 4th, at the Wichita Collegiate Galicha Auditorium. Admission is $20 (tickets sold through ROCHELLE.BROWNPAPERTICKETS.COM, phone: 800-838-3006, email:


Well, I hope as the conference season quickly approaches that our paths will cross. I look forward to events on east coast, the west coast and also in the Midwest.  In the meantime keep committed to those projects that we all have and stay focused.

Thanks for listening and know that I appreciate your messages and emails, and please remember to keep researching, keep documenting and keep sharing what you find!

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