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Hello everyone, and Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and took lots of photos and made some new memories.

I  am truly enjoying reading blogs and websites especially those who have summarized the previous year. Two blogs in particularNicka Smith’s blog where she summarized the previous year. I learned about other endeavors in which she was involved and she shared links to those videos and projects and I was impressed. Also take a look at LowCountry Africana’s summary of the previous year as well. I did not know that she was there for the dismantling of the Slave Dwelling that was moved to Washington DC.  These are great blogs, but also things that can be shared with the larger community.

Let’s start out with great news:

Family Search has digitized the Freedman ‘s Bureau for South Carolina! That’s right—all 106 reels of microfilmed have been digitized and are now  online and ready for you to explore! This is fantastic news!!! This collection is part of NARA microfilm publication M1910 and they are all a mere click away. The records are not indexed—but you know—-that might not be a bad thing—being un-indexed will allow people to really comb through the records, and provide an opportunity to stumble upon some real gems! So check out this South Carolina collection!

* * * * *

Speaking of South Carolina, don’t miss the FREE10th Annual African American Family History Workshop on February 8th at Spartanburg Community College in Duncan SC.  There are going to be classes on preservation, oral history and so much more. The keynote speaker Dr. Minuette Floyd who will present on African American Camp Meetings. These topics are fascinating to me, such as the work of Dr. Alesea McCloud who has done so much work on contraband camps. Also Dr. Glymph, has done  a lot of work on refugee camps which also consisted of formersly enslaved people. I am sure that the keynote will be of interest to many. To register for this event in Spartanburg, click HERE.

* * * * *
And take note–MAAGI website has been updated! I am referring to the Midwestern African American Genealogy Institute based in St. Louis. Great speakers are lined up, including several with a national reputation such as the Legal Genealogist Judy Russell, Author and blogger, Melvin Collier, and also Thomas Macentee the blogging guru and leader in genealogy technology.  Take a look at the website and we hope to meet you in St. Louis.

* * * * *

Congratulations to Dr. Valencia King Nelson and to BJ Smothers who have created the new AfriGeneas community group on Facebook. Note that in less than 4 days there are more than 700 members in the community and the group has gotten off to a good start.

* * * * *

While we are doing all of the many things that we do, let’s remember to also keep ourselves in balance. As we are involved with our research, let’s connect to others, and as we are busy going to events it is also good to create that quiet solitary time. We have to stay grounded. To give you some ideas about this, tune in to Bernice Bennett’s show that aired last night. Sharon Weinstein was her guest who spoke about keeping ourselves in balance. As we work hard are we exercising, eating the right foods, are we allowing one aspect of our lives to overtake another? Tune in to the show on BlogTalkRadio.

As we stay committed to putting ourselves in balance let us also commit to staying focused on our many projects and tasks as well, for this is the legacy that we leave.

Thanks for listening and all the best for this New Year, and remember throughout the year, to keep researching, keep documented and keep sharing what you find.

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