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Well, a special congratulations to Bernice Alexander Bennett upon her second year anniversary with her Blog Radio Program, Research at the National Archives and Beyond! Hard to believe that it has been two years already, but she has brought some amazing writers, historians, genealogists, and scholars to our attention. She has a permanent place in the genealogy community and we all owe her congratulations and a thank you! Last night’s show was a treat as well with her guest Antionette Harrell, who was simply insipring. If you missed it, download the show and listen and learn! Again congratulations!

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Well as we are looking towards the end of the year as well as towards next year it is time to think about how we are going to plan our calendar for next year. Well there are some institutes coming up to think about from Salt Lake City, to St. Louis, to Samford, in Birmingham. Within the next two weeks, the preliminary schedules for the tracks at MAAGI will be on the website. But save the dates now, for MAAGI. The Midwest African American Genealogy Institute The dates are July 8 – 10, 2014. At the end of the month, there will be an update to the site.

And many are looking forward to Samford IGHR, in Birmingham, Alabama. An announcement is out for those who wish to apply for the Jean Thomason scholarship. For more information, click HERE.

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A special item of note for friends in southern California in San Diego. Yvette Porter Moore in San Diego California: will be presenting: Embraced Identity Through My Genealogical Journey, which is based on my Maternal Ancestry Lines: Adoption & Biological on Saturday, November 9, 2013 at 10:30am-1pm San Diego African American Genealogy Research Group Meeting San Diego Family Research 4195 Camino Del Rio South San Diego, CA 92108

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I am happy to tell you that the bloggers have been busy writing some amazing posts for the past three weeks. I am referring to The African Americans, Many Rivers to Cross. We are discussing our own family history from the time periods addressed in the series. With three weeks down and three more to go, it has been exciting to be in a circle of genealogists who are sharing such moving posts! This has also been inspiring to see these posts as well. Check out the African American Blogging Circle and read some of the stories.

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The blogging experience has also brought to me emphasis on how there is much opportunity to make a difference. Sharing stories, led to the result of a soldier getting a headstone, and I feel a part of that story, after I wrote an article about him 2 years ago. Look and see the stories that are out there. The bloggers are making such a difference!

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If you are a descendant of a soldier that served under the Bureau of United States Colored Troops and you are interested in sharing your ancestor’s story, you may want to consider speaking at the African American Civil War Museum in Washington DC, participating in one of their descendants presentations. You are urged to complete a descendants form, if you haven’t already and contact the museum today. Descendants’ presentations are held every first Saturday of each month and the museum is currently scheduling descendants’ presentations through July 2014.
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The Prince George’s County chapter of AAHGS is having a special holiday brunch on December 8, in Ft. Belvoir, Virginia. For more information contact Carolyn Rowe at 301-292-2751, or Jane Thomas at 301-292-1207.

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Now I mentioned last night’s episode of Bernice Bennett’s Anniversary show last night. If you missed it, listen to it. Her guest was Antoinette Harrell, who discussed Leaving a Legacy. What an inspiration! If you google her name you will learn alot about her work, from being a grass roots organizer to a preservationist. But the biggest lesson was the lesson in taking steps to leave a legacy! She has personally left two major collections–one at the Amistad Research Center, and one at Southeastern State University in Louisiana. From her discussion one can appreciate the value of making plans for the data that we collect to have a permanent home and a safe home. The need to sort through materials and determine what place is best to store them is also something that we must all do. As I said the show was inspiring and I hope will make many of us give serious thought to preserving so much of what we have. A special thank you to both Ms. Harrell and to Bernice for that very enligtening dialogue last night. Remember you can hear her show live each week on Blog Talk Radio.

Well, thank you so much for tuning in again, have a wonderful week and remember to keep researching, keep documenting and always keep sharing what you find!

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