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It is great to be back from the AAHGS conference in Nashville, Tennessee. It was wonderful to see a lot of genealogy friends and bloggers and to make connections with some whom I have met online and to finally meet them in person. It was also a special treat to visit Wessyngton, Plantation.
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Well last week not only were members of AAHGS convening in Nashville, Tennessee, but genealogists in Chicago, had their 31st annual conference. Their keynote speaker was Kenyatta Berry whom we know from the Genealogy Roadshow. Tim Pinnick, Janis Minor Forte, Evelyn Nabors and many other researchers were presenting.

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This weekend, a special shout out to folks in Louisiana who are attending the 9th Annual LaCreole Conference at Xavier University. The Theme is “The Creolization of Old World Connections.” Among their many speakers, is Bernice Bennett of Blog Talk Radio.

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Tune in to last night’s episode of the Bernice Bennett show, if you missed it. This show featured several contributors to a new book about Alexandria Virginia’s black history. This is another collaboration effort and it has resulted in the book, African Americans of Alexandria, Virginia: Beacons of Light in the Twentieth Century (American Heritage)
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Plainfield New Jersey there will be a special panel discussion on African American Genealogy which will cover personal research projects but also DNA. For more information contact: (908) 757-1111 Ext. 136 or contact

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Well a new series will emerge on PBS. I am happy to announce the African American Genealogy Blogging Circle. We will blog our own reaction to the series The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross. We will blog about our own family histories from the perspective of each of the time periods that will be covered in the series. We will be sharing our version of our family stories, and weigh in on each episode, and relate them to the time period presented and to our own family history.

The Bloggers:
• Melvin Collier – Roots Revealed
• George Geder – Geder Genealogy
• Terry Ligon – Black and Red Journal
• Drusilla Pair – Find Your Folks
• Nicka Smith – Who is Nicka Smith?/AtlasFamily.Org | The Blog
• Angela Walton-Raji – My Ancestor’s Name

So stay tuned—-I shall put a link to each blog for you, so that you may keep track. Follow us, share your comments, observations and insights—and yes, tell your own story.

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You know I had the chance to visit Wessyngton Plantation while in Tennessee. I recommend that all of you take the time to visit such an estate. It does not matter which—as all were part of an incredible system of cruelty to humanity. Walk around, listen to the ancestors and let their spirits whisper to you. I have no ancestors who were at Wessyngton, but I did feel the spirit of those who suffered, toiled, and died there, for they shared an experience that my ancestors experience. These places are sacred, and so much happened, and even if we tell only a few of their stories, our work has been worthwhile, for we stand on their shoulders. I had a moving experience, and even on the difficult walk over rough terrain to the slave cemetery, I know that my ancestors had no choice and that rough terrain was the only soil that they could tred. A moving experience indeed.

Thanks for listening again this week. Please continue to keep researching, keep documented and keep sharing what you find.

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