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A special shout out to the Heritage Seekers who are down in South Carolina this weekend attending the Old Edgefield Disctrict Genealogy Showcase. These were the people who got together to collaborated on the book project. The book is called No Longer Forgotten. The Ancestors Speak to Us. Their book will be released in December of this year, and it should really impress a lot of people in the genealogy community! Also the group of collaborators–the Heritage Seekers are speaking at the Town Hall later today! You know collaborations might be the wave of the future. Best wishes to them for a great weekend!

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From Delaware a website was shared with me, that contains slavery papers from 18th and 19th century Delaware. What an amazing website—the documents range from birth records, manumissions, and freedom petitions! This is something you don’t see often, and they were scanned in color. Visit THIS LINK to see these wonderful documents. These rest on the Delaware State archives website! Wonderful documents to see!

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Coming up in Ohio, the African American Special Interest Group at the Columbus Metropolitan Library in Columbus. Professor Paul J. Cook will be speaking as will Dr. Deborah Abbott. The event is $40 and will include lunch. For more information about this genealogy event, you can contact for information.

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I talk often about finding the family’s freedom story. I have also asked the question why more communities don’t celebrate freedom and the Emancipation. How nice to see a celebration of Emancipation in Greenville Tennessee. October—-4-5th are the dates. It is the African American Heritage Alliance of East Tennessee ConferenceThis is not a genealogy event—but genealogy related one can say. The event will take place in Greenville TN. For more info click HERE.
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Speaking of Emancipation–I learned in an AfriGeneas chat yesterday that a community in Ohio has celebrated Emancipation for 150 years. What an amazing legacy. They celebrate the events around Septemeber 22 each year. This is historically the day that Abraham Lincoln actually signed the document. It took effect on January 1, but it was signed on September 22, in Gallia County Ohio. What a wonderful history and legacy! Emancipation Day weekend—-every year since 1863!!!! Amazing that we have never heard of this event!

* * * * *

I hope that some of your will consider attending the upcoming AAHGS conference in Nashville Tennessee, in mid October. They are making it easy this year as you can now register online. For more information visit the website for more information.

Have a great week, and I hope you stay warm as autumn is here. In the meantime, have a great week of research and keep researching, keep documenting, and keep sharing what you find!

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