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Well this is a shout out to everyone who is attending the Fairfax County Genealogy Society Annual Conference this weekend in Virginia!

Fairfax County Annual Spring Conference

Track 6 will consist of African American Focused Sessions.

 The African American track will be unfolding tomorrow with Leslie Anderson who will be busy presenting several sessions, on the US Colored Cavalry, Free People of Color, the Ft. Monroe , Freedom’s Fortress, and the Hampton Roads Community. If you are attending, I know that you will learn a lot while there. I have attended in the past, and have always come away with useful information!

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Archived Podcast 

Well I must admit that I had a great time last night as I was guest host for the Blog Talk Radio program Research At the National Archives and Beyond. The guests were the Memory Keepers who have collaborated on the production of the book, Our Ancestors Our Stories. These five researchers shared with listeners their journey to publish pieces of their genealogical journey. This is the kind of project that I hope will inspire people and make them realize that they too can do the same thing. You know many feel that they are on a solo journey and yes the research is such a process a solitary one, but collaboration might just allow you to share what you have been working on. In addition, sometimes you don’t have the huge family saga—but you do have some interesting anecdotes to share about your experiences. Well others do as well, and it is hoped that you will pay attention to what these five researchers have done. If you missed the program is is already archived and can be heard on Blog Talk Radio. And the show produced by Bernice Bennett airs every Thursday evening at 9pm EST.

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Looking ahead, 2015 is a milestone year and I hope you are making plans for the myriad of events that will unfold. I hope next year to attend the Forensic Genealogy Institute that is currently underway in Texas right now. This is sponsored by the Council for the Advancement of Forensic Genealogy. I hope to attend that institute next year.

The 2014 Foresenic Genealogy Institute is currently underway in Dallas TX

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April 5th,
Baltimore Reginald Lewis Museum Genealogy Expo – Members of the Agnes K. Callum chapter of AAHGS will be showcasing much of their own genealogy at the Genealogy Expo 

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AfriGeneas FB Page

 I hope you are paying attention to social media. Facebook has a number of groups devoted to African American Genealogy. There is the AfriGeneas page and the OBA page-Our Black Ancestry. Exlpore these communities including the small state groups—all devoted to African American genealogy from Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kentucy, Texas, and so much more. This is a good time to connect with other researchers.

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People of Delaware are to be commended for honoring their past, which occurred this past week in Wilmington. The state of Delaware  acknowledged the victims of slavery on an international day of remembrance and pay tribute to the state’s Medal of Honor recipients on the national day of recognition earlier this week. It was part of an international day celebration that has been going on for 20 years, although it had never been recognized in Wilmington, the state capital. This was a combined event with the slavery remembrance that began at noon . This took place at the the Peter Spencer Plaza, which is a recently renovated landmark to mark the site of the nation’s first independent black church, founded by Spencer, who is buried there with his wife and other church members. Spencer was born a slave in Maryland. There was also a will feature a drum call, mayoral proclamation and reflections of the past that were made. That ceremony was then followed by The Medal of Honor ceremony, at 1 p.m., is marking its 14th year.

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Casting for a TV show!

Deadline April 4th
The Casting Producer for a TV show is looking for reunions who have done something truly out of the ordinary – people who have taken their reunion to the next level. Examples could be something off the beaten path very elaborate, (a costume themed reunion, a giant flash mob, taking the grandparents skydiving or bungee jumping, etc), or very competitive (some sort of major contest – ie, soap box car build or a fashion-designing contest). This could have taken place anywhere, been a reunion of any size, and any mix of ethnicities. If the family has videos and pictures, that’s extremely helpful. To submit, send information to: 

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Deadlines are approaching and as we look towards 2015—that is a milestone year.  Next year is the Sesquicentennial of the end of the Civil War, so it is time to plan our conference schedules early.

  • 150th Anniversary of the abolishment of slavery in the United States
  • 150th Anniverway of the end of the Civil War
  • 150th Anniversary of the 14th and 15th Amendments to the US Constitution which gave citizenship and the right to vote to formerly enslaved people. 
Because of the milestone year–we have many things to celebrate, many things to plan for and it is time to become truly involved in the celebration of this rich legacy. And we now have a call to action and need to approach even next year with that attitude. Let’ get involved!

We will have many choices from FGS / RootsTech double conference event to MAAGI, AAHGS, and so much more!

We must truly make next year a strong year of celebration, and one in which we are to move ahead and represent, and celebrate.

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Well thank you for taking time once again to tune in an listen. Have a great week! Share your events, and remember to keep researching, keep documenting, and keep sharing what you find.

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