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Hello and welcome back to the African Roots Podcast!
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Well I am so excited to be home after two weeks of travel. I attended the Southern California Genealogy Jamboree, and then the Samford University Institute of Genealogical & Historical Research. And now I am getting ready to attend MAAGI in St. Louis Missouri. MAAGI will be the first genealogy institute hosted by an historically black institution.

By the way, yes, I have a different theme song–I decided to open a new theme song, this week, and I will be making some new changes to the website, giving it a new look and other things. I am still working on my computer technical problems which began last week when I was out of town. A new computer is probably in line in the next several weeks but hopefully will be over soon.

Did you have a chance to do something to commemorate Juneteeth? I hope that you will take a look at how Low County Africana handled this significant holiday. They launched 7 Days of Juneteenth, releasing new records every day for the past week. I love the approach to honoring the significance, and by releasing new records every day. I hope that this holiday encourages us to tell the family’s “freedom story.” Let’s make the effort to learn how freedom came to our ancestors.

With the events coming up, in August there is the FGS Annual Conference. This is a great time for you and for your organization to grow at the annual conference in Ft. Wayne Indiana.

By the way send a warm wish to Drusilla Pair who is taking her talents to the stage this evening. She has written a play that will be on the stage tonight at a community theatre. Juneteenth Jubilee is the name of the play and her play airs tonight. Send some good wishes her way. She is on Facebook and Twitter and you can also email her. The genealogy community is paying attention and she has taken her talents far outside of the box! Let’s wish her well.

Perhaps this is time for us all to consider reaching out and mentoring others. We should try to encourage others whom we know who have talent, but who are shy, hesitant or a bit intimidated by the online community. Sometimes we have to stop and think about others who are on the side admiring what we do, when they themselves have wonderful talents. We should make a commitment to reaching out to those whom we know who have talents, knowledge and something to shares. There is a lot of positive energy and a great circle of bloggers, writers, speakers, and we should make the effort to become a mentor–a peer mentor—our admirers are not lacking in talent. Let’s commit to sharing and learning and encourage. In the meantime, remember to keep researching, keep documenting and keep sharing what you find!

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