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Well summer is here folks and events are unfolding, trips are being planned and things to do! I hope you are all enjoying summer at last, but let’s remember the folks in Oklahoma who have still be experiencing very strong storms. So continued prayers for them are in order.

Now that summer is hear and time for summer travels. And speaking of summer travels, I am on my way to Burbank California next week, when I will be attending the Southern California Genealogy Jamboree!. And after that I will be on my way to Birmingham Alabama to attend the Genealogy Institute at Samford University. And of course in July I will be getting ready for the Midwestern African American Genealogy Institute.

I hope that many of you who may not have begun to get out there and share your knowledge, that many of you will stop and consider stepping out there, and taking what you do to the next level. This is perhaps the time to specialize and to choose your niche. Perhaps it is your county or local community that is your niche. Who is the specialist on African American history in your ancestral community? If there is not anyone that you can name–perhaps you have been chosen to do that. If you get those feelings of doubt–squelch them! You are not an impostor, and you can become that leader.

That reminds me of Bernice’ Bennett’s guest last night on her sho, who has written a book on the “impostor syndrome”. The book is called the Empress has No Clothes” and the author was Joyce Roche. Her book addresses the fact that something that often impedes many of us–a feeling that we don’t belong, or that we might be perceived as being an impostor. Some amazing points were made in the show about the various positions we find ourselves in, often those feelings of doubt arise. As genealogists, many of us don’t venture out to become professionals because of doubts that our skills don’t measure up. Listen to the show as it brought forth lots of issues that sometimes makes us hold out own selves back.

Well I had a great week, as I have run into a long lost cousin! A cousin found the phone number of a long lost cousin Ruby Faye, and what a delightful experience. We talked for about an hour the first time, and the second time we talked for about 2 hours. Her son lives close by me, and I can’t wait to meet him! I mention this because as genealogists we need to be prepared. I mean to have the questions ready to ask when you meet that long lost relative, or that “new” relative for the first time. You know we never take off that genealogical hat.

Delighted that Who Do You Think You Are is coming back on the air. It airs on July 23rd, on the TLC network. We have been waiting for a long time, for this new season, and I hope that many of you will join us on in the chat center, to join in the fun. But let me ask how many of you have had your taste for genealogy programs satisfied with GenerationsTV? Actually it is called the Generations Project. I encourage you to watch it as well. The stories are so invigorating to watch and they should be watched because the persons featured are regular people–not celebrities.

Summer events are about to begin and I am looking towards the summer and fall. I hope that you will take the time to not just document what is happening, but to write about in some kind of format. It’s time for all of us to step out of our comfort zone, throw away the feelings of doubt and to undertake things but let’s make this the year to make them happen.

Well enough of my ramblings I wanted to share my thoughts on multiple subjects with you, but please note that I appreciate you all for being there and for taking time to listen. Have a wonderful week of research everyone! Summer is here, and as you take advantage of the season, remember to keep researching, keep documenting and keep sharing what you find!

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