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Well, ok folks May is here and we are now a month away from the Summer Season! This is the season for vacations, workshops, major genealogical society conferences, and trips back home. And don’t forget Juneteenth!

And now that is it summer, that means the Big 3 Events are unfolding. I am referring to three major genealogical events, NGS, the FGS and the Jamboree!.

First I should give a shout out to everyone who is enjoying themselves at the NGS Conference in Las Vegas Nevada, this weekend. Still not sure why Las Vegas is the host city, but it is, and I am sure that all in attendance are having a good time.

But let’s look at these events–there is good opportunity to get some education pertaining to African American Genealogy.

NGS Conference Program
The Southern California Genealogical Society Jamboree
The following week I will be off to
Samford, in Birmingham Alabama.
MAAGI will unfold in St. Louis and I hope to meet many of you there! And finally, in August there will be the FGS Annual Conference

I have to take the time out to say that I am truly excited that I will be attending the Southern California Jamboree for the first time! This will be my first time in Burbank California and I am thrilled to be there! This has been an event that I have wanted to attend for several years and I am honored to be a speaker there this year.  I am also excited to be there with Nicka Sewell Smith who is a rising star who has documented her family in a unique way. Check out her AtlasFamily site.

I hope that you got to listen to Bernice Bennett’s Show last night. Her guest was Theresa Fuller who has written a book about her family history. This is the story of one of the most prominent families to this day in Desoto Parish Louisiana. Her show airs every Thursday evening at 9pm EST.

Well I hope you have a chance to attend these events this summer and get a chance to expand your own genealogical knowledge base. And thanks for listening to the podcast this week. Thanks for your tuning in and it was great to meet some of you last week. What a pleasure to meet some listeners. You are appreciated.

Have a great week, Happy Mother’s Day, and keep researching, keep documenting, and always keep sharing what you find.

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