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Welcome back to the African Roots Podcast!
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Welcome back to this end of November episode! I hope you had a good week, did not spend too money shopping and are enjoying the season.

Some interesting news about a new resource for researchers. has launched a new site— This will be a subscription site, but they are offering a free trial at the present time. I plan to try it out just to see how it works and will let you know what I think. There are more than 800 newspapers featured in this new site so it will be interesting to examine it and hopefully the features will be user friendly.

Well 30 days have November—ok, not exactly the right words, but yes it is almost December, and we are a mere month away from the new year. The year will be a landmark year, as it marks the sesquicentennial of the US Civil War. But there is so much more than that. The Emancipation Proclamation will also be 150 years old and a number of events are scheduled to mark that year. In addition, 150 years ago the Bureau of the United States Colored Troops were officially allowed to take part in their fight for freedom, and hundreds of thousands of enslaved men, women and children also freed themselves. They would be known as contrabands, but so much happened in that year–there is much to commemorate.

Last night Bernice Bennett’s show explored this when noted author A’Lelia Bundles–the scholar, author, journalist and historian, elaborated upon many things including the events commemorating the Emancipation Proclamation to be held at the National Archives. Her many accomplishments include her current role as President of the National Archives Foundation, and she shared with us so many things about the rich data held at the Archives. Among the thousands of stories buried at the Archives are records as precious as the nation’s founding documents, but there are thousands of stories of regular people, who shaped this nation, and who formed who we are. The show was a wonderful reminder of how much we must work to preserve archival repositories, because that is where our history can be found! Bernice Bennett’s show airs every Thursday evening at 9pm Eastern Time on Blog Talk Radio.

Well, as you plan the upcoming year and your upcoming projects, I urge you to consider how you will commemorate this anniversary year of freedom, of the history of the US Colored Troops, of the Contrabands, and of the countless stories of resistance and resilience of so many families that emerged from a system of entrapment and enslavement that had to end. Explore it and tell the stories as you find them!

Thanks for listening and remember to keep research, keep documenting and keep sharing what you find!

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