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Well we are a week away from the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend!! This is the time to appreciate those who are close to us and who have impacted our lives. I also hope that many of you will make some new memories–special memories, record them and treasure them.

I am happy to also announce that in a way to celebrate this season of thanks, I invite you to participate in a special event, a Blog Carnival as part of a second celebration of the National Day of Listening.

Two genea-friends and I, have decided to participate in this National Day of Listening our own way—we have decided to have our own Blog Carnival, and have created our own theme–and invite you to join us. Our theme is “The Ancestors Told; the Elders Listened; We Pass it On”. Specifically—our theme is oral history. And frankly this is what the National Day of Listening is about—it is the largest Oral History project–where ordinary people collect an oral history of someone near and dear to them, and they share that story. We urge you to join us—if you have a blog—talk about your ancestors, your edlers, and how you pass it on. You can blog about it, write about it and share on Facebook, and or create a photo essay and share it on Flickr, Instagram, or your own site. Join us as we honor our ancestors in a unique way—and pass it on!

Last night’s episode of the Bernice Bennett Show was wonderful as she presented two authors who if nothing else left the listeners with a desire to dive again into more indepth research and tell the remarkable stories that documents tell. Sometimes an accidental discovery of an item can take us on a remarkable journey.

One thing that I find exciting is to see the new energy emerging on the genealogy scene. I was delighted to sit in on a webinar on Wednesday night sponsored by the African American Genealogy Society of Northern California. In that webinar the focus was on the complicated topic of DNA. That webcast was open to the public on Wednesday.

I hope that many of you are also planning your calendars for the events ahead. Many have been announced and in a few weeks registration will begin for FGS, Samford, MAAGI and so much more. I look forward to the coming year—and I also have lots of work to keep me busy, as new projects emerge!

Have a great week in preparation and anticipation of Thanksgiving, and join the Blog Carnival!! Let’s honor the Ancestors and the Elders and pass it on to the future generation! Happy Thanksgiving!!

In the meantime, keep researching, keep documenting, and keep sharing what you find!

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