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It’s good to be back and have time to rest and reflect on the many trips and events of the past year. Also good to look ahead for next year as well.

Also it is good to be here now after this past week where many of us experienced the wrath of a Hurricane that hit the east coast. Hurricane Sandy blew ashore with fury and so many are suffering as a result. I hope that many of you will give to the Red Cross and assist in any way that you can.

Also—remember to vote this weekend!

News from the Georgia State Archives, funds have been restored to keep the Archives open for the remainder of the budget year–through the end of June in 2013. After that the Archives will be transferred to the University System of Georgia..

Some Calls for Papers are out:
National Genealogical Society has a Call for Papers for 2014 now out.

A New Slave Burial Database is Announced
An effort to document the burial site of enslaved people and to create a national database. Sandra Arnold of Fordham university is spearheading this project and this arose from her own family history research. More on the database can be found HERE.

Well, it’s November folks.

It’s November and as holidays approach—this is the time to turn to family, embracing memories, making new memories and working on the many things that can assist us in telling the story much better—which is what we do.

It’s also time to now examine some of the many documents that we have found this year—to make sense of them—and put them to use. Talk about them on your blog, or share with your family Facebook group, or share it for discussion on Linked in, or another group with whom you have ties.

It’s also time to consider creating a discussion group—-things don’t have to be complicated—-make a group, invite like-minded people to join you, and have some fun.
One of the things I appreciate is how some people take unrelated pursuits—unrelated to genealogy I mean, to incorporated it into their love of family history.

Quilters—out there—yes, you can certainly make a family heritage quilt for the family to enjoy. I read a story about a woman who has made quilts for each of her children but also scanned images of the quilts that they did not get from her, so they will know what the other quilts looked like, how they were designed and can share some aspects of grandma’s quilting skills with others.

Congratulations to Bernice Bennett for her 1st Anniversary of her radio show—Research at the National Archives & Beyond!!! Hard to believe that it has been a full year for her!!! In this short time, Bernice has become a stable feature each week in the genealogy community—and she has brought so many topics for African Ancestry to light—and covered the many challenges that we face. From the Shanghai to Harlem—her guests have brought rich stories to the public eye and ear on her show! Congratulations Bernice—we need you and we embrace you for what you do!

Well thanks for listening and remember to vote—and to keep researching, keep documenting and keep sharing what you find!

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