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Hello everyone from beautiful Salt Lake City Utah. I am here attending the International Black Genealogy Summit here at the Radisson at downtown Salt Lake City.

What an exciting time to be here. I managed to get some research done yesterday and got a few school records from Indian Territory and hope to get back to the Library and do some more research as well.

What a thrill to also meet a good number of other researchers from around the corner.

Note that this is has been a busy season from the AAHGS Conference, to the Chicago event last week and now this week the Summit.

Among the people I met yesterday and last night was Nicka Smith, a gifted researcher from northern California. She has an amazing family history site, and she has a special program that she is extending to one lucky family. She is willing to devote an entire year to document one family’s history. Her personal site explains her special project.

Well lots of exciting lectures, workshops and I hope to get back to the Family History Library for more research today!

Stay tuned throughout the weekend for posts from me, on Twitter, Facebook, and on my blogs as well.

Thanks for listening, and remember to keep researching, keep documenting and keep sharing what you find.

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