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First of all—a special SHOUT OUT to everyone in Greensboro NC, who is attending the 33rd annual conference of the African American Historical and Genealogical Society. The conference will go through tomorrow and bus loads of people have departed from the mid Atlantic as well as from the middle of the country—Arkansas as well. I know that a good time is unfolding for everyone, and I am also happy to mention that images from the conference can be found on the new AAHGS Facebook page. And of course there are lots of opportunities to learn occur at each conference.

I am personally excited as I will be in Chicago next week for the Chicago African American Genealogy Society’s annual conference. I will be presenting as well as listening and learning from other speakers as well. And after that the following week, Salt Lake City awaits the International Black Genealogy Summit. So exciting things to come!

Speaking of growing and learning, if you missed it, tune into Bernice Bennett’s show from last night where her guest was Beverly Rice who spoke about Genealogy Education. It was an episode to inspire many of us to expand our own skill set.

(By the way an announcement of a new institute will unfold next week—so stay tuned!)

Special thoughts and prayers for the genealogy family in New Jersey. Many of us have fond memories of Lucious Bowser former chapter president of the New jersey chapter of AAHGs. Some of us who have been with AfriGeneas from the beginning also remember him from the old days of the AOL Genealogy Forum when he used to visit the chat as LouBow. Lucious will be fondly remembered by many.

A new book out depicts the life of Abraham Galloway, a figure we should all know. The author is David Cecelski, who has written a number of books about African American history.

I hope during AAHGS conference this weekend that you will all consider taking out time to increase your own skill set—network, listen and grow. And beyond that I also hope that many of you will consider joining the community of teachers, presenters, lecturers as well. As some inspire us, we can inspire others to do the same thing. Let’s embrace the technology around us and embark upon this new journey with enthusiasm.

Thanks for listening and please continue to keep researching, keep documenting and always keep sharing what you find.

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