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Hello to folks in Kentucky who are having an event at their 3rd Saturday event meeting. A representative from the Kentucky Oral History Project will be presenting a session at this monthly meeting tomorrow.

Speaking of Kentucky have you heard about the series of letters recently acquire by the Kentucky Historical Society? These are 19th century letters, all written in the 1840s and 1850s by former slaves and free people of color. What a rarity and what a treasure! So few letters exist that reflect the lives of ordinary people. The digitized images of the letters are now available online.

Have you noticed how many letters are showing up now on various sites? I find this to be delightful, because there is a chance to see how our ordinary ancestors lived, which is so important because these are the persons upon whose shoulder we stand. It is the nameless ordinary people whose stories need to be told. They are our foundation!

An Exhibit in Birmingham
Speaking of ordinary people–there is a wonderful exhibit in Birmingham Alabama, focusing on the lives of African Americans in a small rural Alabama town of Covin Alabama. The Shackelford family that was a prominent family in the community captured the lives of people in the community in the early part of the 20th century. This is one of those exhibits that provides a rare glimpse at everything African American from the perspective of a small rural community. This rare exhibit runs from mid July to mid September. If you are in Birmingham in the next few weeks do try to get to the library to see the exhibition. Exhibits such as this reflect the lives of ordinary people that are significant to the parts of our culture that need to be celebrated. These stories lay the foundation.

Writing Class available
Telling the stories–do you want to tell your story better? There is a writing class offered by the New England Historic Genealogical Society. The writing seminar will be in two parts in September and in February. The seminar will assist those in how to write their own family stories.

Also watch other writers such as Marion Woodfork Simmons who will be teaching of writing and publishing.

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Northern California Podcasts The have joined the podcasting community and only if you are a member can you have access to their podcasts. Perhaps it is time to renew your membership.

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Speaking of North California folk, pay attention to the work of Nicka Smith. On her family site Atlas Family. She has shared many of her experiences of her family history journey and has documented the research trips, and the family history journeys from the south, to Africa as well. Well, documenting the story is so important. I recently documenting my niece’s move from Arkansas to Washington DC. This is one of those stories that need to be told. And telling those stories are so important, and why we do what we do.

Last night’s Bernice Bennett’s show was fantastic. The show provided an chance to listen to a scientist explain aspects of the DNA-genealogy puzzle. The show can be found here.

Lots of events in the fall:
Federation of Genealogical Societies Annual Conference, Birmingham Alabama
AAHGS National Conference, Greensboro NC
Chicago African American Genealogical Society Annual Conference, Chicago IL
International Black Genealogy Summit, Salt Lake City, UT

Well, thank you all so much for listening once again.
In the meantime, keep researching, keep documenting and keep sharing what you find.

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