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Special shout out to the Taylor Family of Rocky Mount North Carolina! They are hosting their 59th consecutive Family Reunion this very weekend! What a wonderful legacy!

Now that August is here, it’s time to look to the Fall and upcoming events!
September 20-21 2012 in Norfolk Virginia. This is the 1619 Conference at Norfolk State University. This conference will explore the arrival of 20 Africans arrived in Jamestown Virginia in 1619. They were enslaved through no choice of their own became the first known documented slaves. They represent the forbears who lives were affected by the policies of chattel slavery. Nevertheless, the conference hopes to
“create historical accessibility by framing this within the context of understanding how the events that occurred in 1619 permanently altered British America and created a complex culture and society.

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Now that August is here—talk begins for Fall—conference and events. Well Let’s take a look at upcoming events:

The busiest month will be October:

October 4-7 will mark the 33rd annual AAHGS conference in Greensboro NC.

Chicago Afr. American Genealogical Society will host it’s conference in October, so mark your calendars for October 12 and 13th .

The following week in Salt Lake City Utah, a major event will be taking place as well, the International Black Genealogy Summit will unfold as well.

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I also want to urge you all to stand by—a major event is going to be announced for
2013 very soon. I am not at liberty as yet to make the formal announcement, but I shall simply say that July 2013 will bring forth an interesting event and you are urged to stand by for an announcement coming forth soon.

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By the way last night’s Bernice Bennett show was quite good. Char McCargo Bah was the featured guest and her topic was who’s in the house? This show featured a need to truly scrutinize those records reflecting the family in the household. She has been pursuing genealogical research for over 20 years
She made amazing remarks about the need to examine the household and to study lodgers, boarders and servants who were in many cases relatives! Of course it was another excellent show. The Bernice Bennett Show airs every Thursday evening at 9 pm on Blog Talk Radio.

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A new website was shared with me. It is called

    The Study of the Legacy of Slavery in Maryland

The program seeks to preserve and promote the vast universe of experiences that have shaped the lives of Maryland’s African American population.

* * * * *

I hope you all are taking notes of events of the summer and writing in your journals and blogs about them, for this is what puts events into their proper context. Take note of events as they have unfolded this summer as well. I hope you do so and write something in your own pieces about the events as they occur.

Well thanks for listening again. In the meantime, keep researching, keep documenting and keep sharing what you find!

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