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It’s good to be back from a week where I completed a 1000 mile drive from Arkansas to Maryland this week. Driving across the country was an amazing experience and a fascinating trip to make! What a good way to see the country and to reflect on how our own ancestors traveled in earlier years.

End of summer announcements, and events:
The University of Delaware library has announced that one can now have online access to a set of newspapers—black newspapers from 1827-1998. This provides access to over 270 newspapers which cover a period of over 150 years!!! The collection rests on their database. HOWEVER it is only available to people who are in the UDelaware system. So if you can obtain a library card or become a “friend of the library” you may be able to gain access.

Emancipation Petitions are Now Available Online.

Emancipation Petitions. Have you ever heard of them? Well they are now digitized and one can get a good glimpse at their content on a website shared by a fellow researcher:
Civil War DC is the web site: At that time, Abraham Lincoln who was a Congressman from Illinois in 1849, presented a plan for ending slavery in Washington, DC, through gradual, voluntary, and compensated emancipation. This is a site devoted to those emancipation petitions. They make a very interesting read, and yes they are unique to the District of Columbia

From Central MD—an extensive schedule of events is still unfolding for the remainder of the year. Remember this is the group that had the fascinating 3 part Census Extravaganza when the 1940 census was launched in the spring of this year. Well they are still going strong with their own activities, and will have beginning in August a 2 part lunch and learn program. On August 11th and September 15th at 1 pm each day a discussion on state-focused research. In August the discussion will focus on genealogical research in DC/MD/VA. The September lunch will feature a discussion on the Carolinas and Mississippi and Alabama. Note that these areas were selected and based on the data provided by members when they sign in and indicate geographic areas of interest. So these are member generated areas of focus.

There are plans to have lunch and learns to focus on other states as well in the future.
These are informal sessions and also note that these lunch and learn sessions will be held at the library in Columbia and not at the Owen Brown Center.

Last night’s Bernice Bennett show was a good one with Dr. Pearl Alice Marsh, who is one who has approached the genealogical experience on many levels and who has emerged also as a leader in the community having been one who influenced the congressional action to preserve Record Group 105, the Freedman’s Bureau. She had some wonderful insights to share with the listeners. Also in last night’s show, the August line up was, shared and it is really a fantastic line up! Check out Bernice’s show every Thursday evening at 9pm on Blog Talk Radio.

Well as we roll into the end of the summer I hope you have plans to document these wonderful events as they are unfolding. Having just come off the road from an amazing drive, across the country helping family members move, I did remember to document the packing, the move and to tell the story of the move by capturing some video footage. This portion of the family is opening a new chapter by this major relocation. I felt obligated to capture part of this move so that future generations will be able to also tell this story.

Thanks for listening, and please remember to keep researching, keep documenting and keep sharing what you find!

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