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Here is a cool event—TODAY!  Have you ever just wanted to meet a group of other genealogists and talk—no meeting, no dues, no lectures—just chat?  Well for folks in the greater Washington DC—there is a chance to do just that—-Fallon Green is sponsoring an event at the the National  Gallery of Art in Washington, and her event will simply be a meet up at the sculpture Garden—on 7th and Constitution. For a landmark—that is right across the street from the National Archives. And—-the event is tonight. The purpose is to provide a chance for Genealogy bloggers to just meet, get to know each other—talk shop, talk genealogy and talk about whatever crosses your mind! This was the brainchild of Fallon Green. She has two special guests— Christian Tenney of the Foundation for the National Archives Museum Shop and Seth Garfinkel of the U.S. Congressional Intern Office. It sounds like loads of fun, so if you are in DC this afternoon, stop by the sculpture garden, hear some jazz and connect with some genealogists.  By the way—she is a blogger—and her blog is called African American Genealogy with Fallon G.

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JUNE 16th –  Lots of events are coming up!

Family History Confernce  in Charlottesville, Virginia, The Waynesboro Stake of the LDS Church is hosting their 6th Annual Family History Conference on June 16th in Charlottesville Virginia. 1275 Timberwood Boulevard, Charlottesville, Virginia The event will occurs from 9 am to 3pm and it is free of charge.

A number of topics will be presented including:

-The 1940 Federal Census: What’s in It for Us?

-Especially for Beginners

 -FamilySearch Indexing: A Contribution to Posterity

 -Don’t Forget Your Own Story

 -“Digging Up” Graves with Your Computer

 -Making Sense of DNA Test Results

 When the Going Gets Tough…

 The keynote speaker is Jean L. Cooper from the Alderman Library of the University of Virginia. The event is free of charge, but online registration is encouraged. Online Registration is going on at Call 434-985-2321 for non-Internet registration or additional information Walk-in Registration available the day of the Conference beginning at 8:00 a.m.

 * * * * *

By the way—how do you get your genealogy news?  You want to look at a recent article featuring Bernice Bennett, if you missed it. She was featured in the Washington Post along with a recent video as well.  The article was well written and covers the wonderful work that Bernice is doing with a class that she teaches every week at the LDS center in Kensington Maryland.

Speaking of new—have you been following the news recently about the results of what DNA is revealing about the Melungeons? Well that is a fascinating story and there will be an interesting follow up discussion about the subject tomorrow in Frankfurt Kentucky:

KGS/KHS Second Saturday Workshop – SATURDAY, JUNE 9th, 10:30 a.m., Kentucky History Center – 100 W. Broadway, Frankfort, KY – “Who are the Melungeons”  and “Myth, Media and the Melungeons” – In the light of recent DNA results (Melungeons are descended from African ancestored fathers and White mothers) Well, this should indeed be a very interesting discussion!!   Registration is required before noon on Friday, June 8 (that’s today) for this free workshop.  Contact the KHS Reference Desk or 502-564-1792, ext. 4460.

And next week, also in Kentucky AAGGKY Third Saturday Meeting – SATURDAY, JUNE 16th, 1:00 p.m., Kentucky History Center – “Using Facebook, Twitter, etc. for Genealogical Purposes: Making Social Networking Work for You” – Presenter Mary Clay

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Tomorrow in Charleston SC,  There will be a cemetery Clean Up at the Lewis Christian Union Cemetery. This cemetery dates back to the 1870s. This graveyard was chartered in 1879 and for many decades was a primary burial site for Charleston’s black community. For more information click HERE. Back in April t hey had a clean up day: Volunteers from the Preservation Society of Charleston spent their Sunday morning clearing an overgrown African American Cemetery, the Lewis Christian Cemetery in Charleston, SC.

* * * * *

For some good reading, check out George Geder’s blog  His guest blogger was Kathleen Brandt of A3 Genealogy.  She wrote a great article about finding the whole story and the right story in our family history. This is an article that should encourage all of us to make sure that we tell out own family stories and put them in the proper context as well.  We have to be mindful of our goal at all times. And part of our mission is also to sort through the  many pieces–find the correct elements and to discard those elements that are more myth than truth. Part of our commitment is to tell the story and to tell it accurately.

Well, thanks again for taking out time to listen and stay focused–you know what I mean–keep researching,  keep documenting and keep sharing what you find.

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  1. Fallon Green says:

    Thank you so much Angela! I just saw this. I haven’t gotten a call back from Mrs. Spann so I was unable to ask her any of your questions. I hope you are doing well.


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