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Hello once again from western Arkansas. I am still here in Arkansas and back in Ft. Smith, where tomorrow I will be able to witness the dedication of the statue to Bass Reeves, the US Deputy Marshall who served on the western frontier.

I am currently on one of those trips where all of my genealogical interests are being satisfied. From western frontier history, to Civil War and to personal family history–this trip has been amazing indeed!

Last week was the PAAC Conference. From elders to children I met some amazing people. I also blogged about the events from last week’s conference. I was excited to meet folks from the Texas Cemetery Restoration LLC group. This is a small company devoted to the restoration of endangered graves, and gravesites, and they are involved in all kinds of work. They use GIS, GPS and GPR–all technological methods of finding and locating forgotten burials.

Tuesday afternoon, I had the chance to visit the Butler Center for Arkansas Studies.  I had an amazing tour of the facility and also got a chance to truly explore the holdings that are there. Anyone with slight interest in Arkansas History needs to visit this facility.

I stood yesterday at the site along the Saline River, where one of my ancestors was wounded at Jenkins Ferry. I stood there, looking at the site where he was gravely wounded and I simply listened to the trees and a few birds, while I was able to reflect and appreciate that John Talkington (aka John Tuckington) gave everything for freedom.

My interest in community history was served by visiting several cemeteries in the state. In Ft. Smith I toured Newlon Springs and in central Arkansas, Black History President Carla Coleman and I visited Oakland Fraternal Cemetery in Little Rock, Philadelphia Cemetery in Prattsville Arkansas, Woodlawn Cemetery in Benton Arkansas. We toured the Grant County Cemetery in Sheridan Arkansas and so much more.

If you have an interest in Tennessee, by the way I hope that you will tune in to Bernice Bennett’s radio show. Research at the National Archives and Beyond airs every Thursday evening at 9pm EST. Last night’s guest was Tina Sansone, who spoke at length about Tennessee resources.

As I mentioned, this trip is a amazing one for me. I have met some amazing children who are preservationists, and I have met also some elders. One thing I have learned is that when my physical trip is over, I have the next task at hand to tell about that story—to blog about it, write a story about it or to simply share it with others either on my blogs, podcast, or journals. The next generation should be recipient of what I am given today. So, I am busy and though I return to Maryland on Sunday, my task at hand will still be to tell the story. As one who sometimes feels called to do this, it is essential that the call is answered by paying it forward, so therefore my blogs, pod casts, and interaction in social media will become the tools to tell those stories. What an awesome task.

Thanks for listening to another podcast. Have a great week of researching, and in the meantime, keep researching, keep documenting, and keep sharing what you find!

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