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Well in the greater Washington DC are, this is a big genealogy weekend!!!!
The Fairfax County Genealogy society is holding its annual conference this weekend. This is the largest genealogy conference in the Washington DC area, and this year is no exception. Two days of workshops with a number of subjects being presented by some very well known genealogists.

Location:Marriott Fair Oaks, 11787 Lee Jackson Memorial Highway, Fairfax, VA 22033 Friday sessions start in the afternoon and go into the evening. Saturday the sessions begin at 9am. Char McCargo Bah is presenting three workshops on African American genealogy.

DearMYRTLE will be at this event,

Char McCargo Bah, will be presenting “A Fresh Look at African American Genealogy”. She also has two other sessions, one on Finding slaves through vital records, and another session on using church records. This is truly a very good event to attend and you have the chance, by all means do try to make it to their annual conference. Great schedule—including some mini-lectures as well.

• African American Research (Char Bah)
• Seeking Virginia Ancestors ( Barbara Vines Little, CG, FNGS, FVGS)
• Effective Organizational Methods (DearMYRTLE)
• Anytime’s a Good Time to Get Started (Phyllis M. Jule Legare)
• Introduction to European Research (Claire Bettag, CG, CGL and Richard Camaur, CG)
• Advanced Critical Thinking Techniques (Tom Jones)
• Re-examining What You Already Have … (Charles S. “Chuck” Mason, CG)
• National Treasure in the Nation’s Capital [NARA, DAR & Library of Congress Record Group Analysis, two-days] (Pam Sayre, CG Rick Sayre, CG)
* * * * * *
Baltimore Chapter, presents an African American Genealogy Expo 11:00 – 3:00 pm
Baltimore African American Genealogy Society is holding a Genealogy Expo at the Enoch Pratt Library on Saturday. A number of topics will be covered from:
-A Beginning Genealogy Workshop
-Research Trips
-Genealogical Blogs
-Personal Histories
-Genealogy Displays
-DVD Presentations
-Questions & Answer Sessions & More

Hope to see you all there.

* * * * * *

CENTRAL MD AAHGS is hosting part 3 of their Census Extravaganza!This final session focusing on the Federal Census is being held with one purpose—to prepare members for the 1940 census. This began in February and is culminating with this final session, to prepare members on methods of identifying enumeration districts and more, in preparation for April 2.

* * * * *

Speaking of the 1940 census—are you ready for it?
There are a number of webinars and online sessions to prepare you for the census. I am just as excited as everyone else is. However, with all of the talk about Enumeration Districts—have you learned what that really means?

Have you thoroughly explored the enumeration districts of other census years? 1930? 1920? 1910 and so on?

If not—this exercise to learn what they are, should encourage you to go back and study the same enumeration districts where your ancestors were found in those earlier census years. This will help you to put “the meat on the bone” regarding your family history. The stories will come forth that way as you place your family on the proper landscape in time and geographically. How did they live and near whom were they living? The online research feature has taken most of us away from microfilm. But there is still value in microfilm, especially for beginners. By visiting those sites that still have microfilm, one can find out, through the soundex–the sound indexing system–how the records were actually arranged. If you are part of the generation that began your genealogy experience online— then a trip to the Archives might actually reveal quite a good amount of data for you.

As you prepare for April 2—which we all are doing—-don’t forget to also re-visit the family in 1930 and see if there are any gems that you may have missed.

Well, thanks for listening this week. A busy weekend is ahead, but do continue to stay focused and continue your work.
Keep researching, keep documenting, and keep sharing what you find!

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