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Hello and welcome back to the African Roots Podcast! My name is Angela Walton-Raji and you can reach me at

November is here, and lots of things going on.
Baltimore November 6, Agnes K. Callum Chapter of AAHGS, note that there will be a presentation by Dr. Callum herself on the United States Colored Troop, and a special presentation by Dr. Michael Hill of Washington DC. Dr. Hill is a reenactor with Company B of the 54th Massachusetts. He, like Dr. Callum, has strong interest in the preservation of the history of the US Colored Troops as well as the Black Union soldiers who served in the regular Union Army as well. (You know that USCTs were considered volunteers.)

Reginald Lewis Museum in Baltimore November 20th Freedom Sisters
Saturday, November 20, 10:30 a.m.

Tracing Female AncestorsJoin Rebecca Koford, as she discusses research strategies tracing female ancestors, and Professor Donna Hollie, who discovered a chest of historical documents linking her to an early 20th century African American educator. To register, call 443-263-1816.

November 20th at the Central MD AAHGS chapter in Howard County, I will be given a presentation-Finding Native Am Ancestors in Afr. American Families.

Family History Expo—ATLANTA, Georgia!! NEXT WEEKEND—-and it is a big event! And next week, I will be coming to you FROM Atlanta. There are a number of speakers of color at the event next week:

Among them will be Dr. Lisa Bratton who will present a case study on So. Carolina slavery, called I am the Forever. This class will provide attendees with a basic understanding of the process of using plantation records to research a formerly enslaved family. Dr. Lisa Bratton will present on her work with the Bratton Family Papers, which spanover a century, from Historic Brattonsville, the only working plantation inSouth Carolina.

Documenting Native American Ancestors in African American Families.(All Levels) This workshop will illustrate at how blended families (African & Native American) can be documented, and the family historian can take the family history beyond mere oral history. Suggestions on how to avoid the pitfalls in Native American research and suggestions will be made for those who have ties to tribes that no longer exist. (Angela Walton-Raji)

Druscilla Pair, (Professor Dru) Let Your Voice Be Heard in Digital Conversations (Beginner) Genealogists and family historians type documents and messages daily using software such as Microsoft Word or email to disseminate information,ask questions, and to communicate with family, friends, other researchers,and research institutions.

Finding Your African American Ancestors on (All Levels ) For many African Americans, finding ancestors can present a unique set of challenges. A vast collection of resource materials are now available. This lecture will outline steps to success in using the collections on

Records of Ante?Bellum Southern Plantations for Family Historians
(Experienced) Records of Ante?Bellum Southern Plantations From the Revolution Through the Civil War
is a microfilm collection of manuscripts held in several major research libraries throughout the South. It was published under the imprintof University Publications of America (UPA), which is currently publishing acompanion collection, Records of Southern Plantations From Emancipation to the Great Migration. This presentation will explain what the Records are, how they are organized, how to go about locating materials in the collection, and how these materials can help your family history research. Jean L. Cooper

The Bark Azor and Liberian Exodus – Beyond the American Colonization Society (Experienced) Come and learn about the 1878 venture of the Bark Azor and its sponsor,The Joint Stock Steamship Company and the Liberian Exodus that occurred during the Reconstruction era.

Beginning African American Research – Melvin Collier, author of Mississippi to Africa. This presentation covers the basic steps to begin the genealogy research of
African?American families

Freedman’s Bank Records and Southern Claims Commission Records for African American Research (Intermediate – Advanced) David Dilts

Discovering an African American Community’s History Through Civil War Research (Genealogists often hear about the term cluster genealogy, which encourages researchers to look not only at the family, but at the community to learn more details about the people and places that affected their own ancestors. But other than recording the names of the people – how can one find the stories of how some of the families living nearby interacted with each other?

PLUS—-BLOGGERS EVERYWHERE—-EVERYTHING you wanted to know about blogging you can learn at this event. Thomas McEntee, Dear Myrtle, Luckie Daniels and others will be there!!

Some sites for you to explore that are Free:

Also here are two useful sites–1 for Civil War ancestors, the Soldiers and Sailors System., a wonderful database.

Bureau of Land Management, Government Land Office provides good info on ancestors who obtained land in the 19th century. And one can get copies of the land patents.

Well, I will talk to you all next week from Atlanta, and thanks for listening again. I always appreciate you for being there.

In the meantime, please continue your work, and keep researching, keep documenting, and keep sharing what you find.

4 Responses to “African Roots Podcast #83 November 5, 2010”

  1. ProfessorDru says:

    Great Podcast, Angela.

    Look forward to seeing you next week at the conference.

  2. Angela, thank you for highlighting the Atlanta Family History Expo in this week’s podcast. We’re thrilled to have you as a speaker and Blogger of Honor. We are excited about our line up of classes and the wonderful people we have teaching them. It’s going to be a great weekend and we look forward to having you and your listeners be a part of it.

  3. Thank you so much, Holly and thank you for your efforts in creating the Family History Expos! I am thrilled to be speaking and to be blogging from the event, and I am also looking forward to more events from FHExpos in the future.

  4. Mavis Jones says:

    It was so wonderful to meet both you and Drusilla in person today. I had a wonderful time meeting everyone in person that I’ve gotten to know on line these past 2 years.

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