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Today is Friday June 18th 2010 My name is Angela Walton-Raji and this is the African Roots Podcast. You can always reach me at African Roots

Happy Juneteenth everyone! I hope you have a great Juneteeth weekend!

I am coming to you today from a very warm Birmingham, Alabama. I have been participating in the Samford University Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research, all week. I have been also tweeting and blogging from this week’s institute. I was participating in track 8–the Slavery and Reconstruction Era workshop. I have learned a lot and I know that I shall also be interested in the future in coming back for much more.

I hope that you will all do something to commemorate this day and what it means historically as well as symbolically. Gather the family, have a barbecue, celebrated yourselves, your family, your freedom. Appreciate what our ancestors went through for us to be here today. And—if you are around and have the time—-join the Freedom Tweet!!!

Tomorrow the Prince George’s County chapter of AAHGS is hosting the annual Juneteenth Genealogy workshop. It is free to the public, and lunch will be provided.

The Piedmont NC chapter of AAHGS is sponsoring a trip to the state archives in Raleigh, and the New England Chapter of AAHGS is having it’s June meeting at the National Archives in Waltham on Trapelo Road. After the meeting the facility will stay open for members to do some research.

In Little Rock Arkansas the Mosaic Templars Cultural Center is hosting a Juneteenth celebration, and it is free to the public. A screening of the old documentary Wattsstaxx will be showing.

Speaking of Juneteenth—-I mentioned the Freedom Tweet—if you are online during the day—consider joining that effort to share your feelings on freedom, and express your thoughts and freedom of speech throughout the day.

Some additional links for Juneteenth!

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Well—this week was great for me, as I have been encouraged to streamline, to sharpen, and to further enhance my skills. I look forward to going forth and working on more projects and putting greater energy into telling the story better!

Such workshops, institutes, and classes encourage us all to tell the story better. I hope that in the future that you will all join me, and work on polishing those skills and honoring our ancestors even further.

Happy Juneteenth!

Thanks for listening. In the meantime, keep doing what you do. Keep researching, keep documenting and please keep sharing what you find.

Happy Juneteenth, and talk to you next time.

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