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Event in Pennsylvania: Please join the folks in Philadelphia on Saturday, December 10, 2011 at 12:30 p.m. The Marcus Garvey Memorial Foundation will be celebrating its 50th anniversary at the Charles L. Blockson Afro American Collection, Temple University Libraries with a special viewing of the exhibition, “Marcus Garvey and Global Black History,” featuring honorees and guest speakers, including: Sonia Sanchez (Poet & Professor Emerita, Temple University), Reverend Dr. William Shaw (Pastor, White Rock Baptist Church), and Barbara Mason (Recording Artist).

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Bernice Bennett Show one Blog Talk Radio will feature Tonya Browder – Director of the Tompkins Memorial Libary next week. If you missed last night’s episode, catch the archived program where Aaron Dorsey talks about slavery era research strategies.

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Lives of the slaves and their freedom. An interesting article caught my attention recently about the experience of newly freed slaves. The article appears on the Illinois State Genealogical Society website. It is called Riding the Contraband Train. It is an enlightening article on the harsh realities of the lives of slaves once freed. It was harsh, dangerous and often they were met with a hostile community that did not welcome them.

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NGS Conference Registration Now Open

NGS Registration is now open:
Registration is now open for the NGS 2012 Family History Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio. The conference will take place 9–12 May 2012 at the Duke Energy Convention Center. For additional information and to register online, go to
I also urge many listeners to also submit proposals to speak. Upon quick glance I saw no African American researchers presenting African American topics. Of the speakers selected, they are experienced and devoted researchers and I am sure they will all present useful information. My suggestion is that many more from the Afr. American community also join them and begin to share your own skills, strategies and knowledge. There is room for many more to join, share and teach!

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A good post was written by Robyn Smith of Reclaiming Kin family history blog. She emphasizes a number of facts about slavery that we as researchers need to know. Click on the link and read her post–she has shared excellent points.

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    As always your African Roots Podcast provided an excellent overview of events of importance to the African American researchers. Thank you for mentioning the Research at the National Archives!blogtalkradio show. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

    Bernice Bennett
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