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Hello and welcome back to the African Roots Podcast! You can reach me at

I am coming to you this morning from Birmingham, Alabama where I have been attending the Institute for Genealogical and Historical Research, at Samford University.

I encourage many of you to consider this kind of genealogical training yourself. I have been taking Course 8, which has focused on Land records and maps. It has been an amazing and I now have so many ideas that I hope to be able to put into motion. This has been one of the more thorough experiences that one could have in terms of becoming sharper in one’s own skills. Today is the last day of classes, and I look forward to coming back again.

This weekend is a special one—it is the Juneteenth weekend! Juneteenth commemorates the events that occurred on the 19th of June when, General Granger sailed into Galveston Harbor and informed those still held in bondage that slavery had ended and they were free. The news brought about celebrations throughout the region. Every year on that date, the community in Galveston and beyond, held events, services, picnics and gatherings to celebrate the event. It has since grown to become a nationwide celebration of freedom.

In the genealogy community there will be a genealogy day presented by the Prince George’s County chapter of AAHGS, which is free and open to the public.

I invite you all to tune in to Geneabloggers Radio this evening for a special program honoring Juneteenth, Emancipation and a discussion about freedom records and reconstruction era records as well.

In the meantime, keep up you ingown projects and ongoing hard work. Keep researching, keep documenting and keep sharing what you find.

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