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African Roots Podcast Episode #193 December 14th 2012

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Welcome back to the African Roots Podcast!
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I hope you are all enjoying the Christmas season and are taking out time to enjoy time with your family and friends and to appreciate just the special times. I always say this is the time to make memories, and perhaps this is time to tell the family in a special way–make a family Christmas memory book for the family.

Some information shared with me from Kansas. From Topeka Kansas, Sherri Camp, president of the Kansas AAHGS Chapter. She is working on a book reflecting ordinary life in Topeka Kansas of African American families. More details about her project can be found HERE. This effort to document one’s ancestral community is part of what I sometimes call Community Area studies. Our ancestors never lived in isolation they had neighbors, friends associates–well part of that effort should be to document their stories. I am excited to see this community research project being undertaken. In recent years I have had the chance to explore a small portion of African American history from the west.

It is also interesting to look at small communities and community history projects emerging in the west. A fascinating article was shared with me about African American history in Las Vegas Nevada. We should all be so inspired to document our ancestral communities.

Speaking of local history, an interesting story was revealed this week about the remains of an old cemetery are being studied. It is believed to be the burial ground of slaves and this burial ground rests on the campus of what is now the University of Virginia. This will be a story to watch.

Bernice Bennett’s show last night featured Jari Honore, who represents the next generation of scholars. He spoke about the value of sacramental records of the Catholic church and how these records can unlock doors for African American researchers. He has a great resume for his young years, and I hope that you will all keep your eyes on him in the years to come.

By the way, this is the holiday season, and you are asked to share some holiday cheer with an elderly lady in a nursing home in North Carolina. The mother of Carolyn Rowe is in a nursing home and loves to receive cards, and put those Christmas Cards on her wall. Carolyn Rowe is requesting that friends in the genealogy community send her mother a Christmas Card and mention to her where you live. These cards warm her heart—and frankly this is what the Christmas season is about. To share a card with her, please send me an email at, and I shall send you the address where you can mail the Christmas card. This tiny gesture can mean so much to an 88 year old later. This is what holiday cheer is all about.

Well, thanks for listening. In the meantime, enjoy the holidays and keep researching, keep documenting and keep sharing what you find!

African Roots Podcast Episode #192 December 7, 2012

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Welcome back to the African Roots Podcast!
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I hope you are all enjoying this holiday season, and are taking time not to be stressed, but to make your own memories. Perhaps it is time to avoid the lines and to create something to be remembered for the family–a quilt, a written project, or assemble a photo collage. Perhaps time to create a scrapbook–a Christmas Scrapbook for the family–Christmas over the years! Donating a service to someone can be a wonderful gift as well.

Looking towards next year, I am getting excited about MAAGI The week after the 4th of July MAAGI is unfolding. The tracks are up and I understand that more will be uploaded to the MAAGI WEBSITE next week as well—these will be full descriptions.

Bernice Bennett’s show last night was a treat for those who study and research the Low Country which is part of coastal South Carolina, Georgia, and Northeastern Florida. The guests were Toni Carrier, and Robin Foster are co-directors of Low Country Africana.This site is tremendous with all of the rich history and the documents that they present. Their effort to preserve and to digitize images from that part of the country are truly inspiring. Low Country also is a great example of collaboration with Magnolia Plantation and Gardens. They have also worked to share the work of Joe McGill, who is involved with the amazing Slave Dwelling Project. What a great model to learn community studies that can be embraced and copied.

Do you like photos?
Do you like photos? Old photo?
Well the University of Kansas has a brand new set of photos. The collection is an online archives of African American photography! It is called the Leon K. Hughes Collection It is actually an online archive of African American photography! Mr. Hughes spent years taking photos, and now over 2000 photos are at the University thanks to his wife Rosie. Many of these photos reflect workers and families that were involved in the Wichita Kansas aircraft industry. He later expanded his work to included events in the families–weddings, graduations, and so much more. The collection can be found here.“>HERE. There is also an effort underway to identify many of the people included in the collection.

We should also take a moment out of our day to remember today and what happened historically on this day in Pearl Harbor. It was a tragic day but a day that also made a hero out of one man called Dorie Miller. I wrote about his story on my personal blog We should remember his name, and call his name. On this day that shall truly live in infamy, we remember Dorie Miller.

Well thanks for listening, enjoy this holiday season. Remember to keep researching, keep documenting and to always keep sharing what you find.