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African Roots Episode #138 November 25, 2011

This Week's Pod Cast


Welcome back to the African Roots Podcast. You can always reach me at

Well I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving holiday and hope that you are taking some time to relax and enjoy your day. I know many of your are braving the crowds and shopping. I am amazed at how folks get into the shopping. It’s kind of like Thanksgiving Day you pause and give thanks and then rush out the door to spend money. Thankfully I am not into that scene and can relax. I am looking forward to spending time with a genea-mentor who has inspired me to write and focus on the region where my ancestors lived. She is Dr. Agnes Kane Callum.

It is perhaps now time for us to also take the time to tell our own stories and to document our own communities. Embrace the geographic are and make it our own. If no one is writing about it, then perhaps it it time that we write about it ourselves!

Our story is worth telling!

Perhaps this is a good time to also listen—to the elders, a teacher, a mentor, a friend–record the story and share it! As I prepare to go and listen to my mentor, I shall also send a thank you message to a teacher who affected my life to move forward. Go to StoryCorps, to get inspired and then listen to someone.

I hope you have a similar moment to pause, reflect, thank a teacher or mentor, and listen to someone, today.

Thanks for listening and as always, keep listening, keep documenting and keep sharing what you find!

African Roots Podcast Episode #137 November 18, 2011

This Week's Pod Cast


Hello and welcome back to the African Roots Podcast. You can always reach me at

Well we are less than a week away from Thanksgiving weekend and I want to be the first to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!

The year is winding down and not many genealogy events left in the year.

Tomorrow: Baltimore Maryland, Reginald Lewis Museum: Researching Black and Indian Genealogy East of the Mississippi. That will be at 10:30 am.

Columbia MD: Owen Brown Community Center. Internet Resources for African American Genealogy

This is a good time to reflect on those projects that we may have put aside. Don’t forget the National Day of Listening.

How many of you have remembered to tell your OWN genealogical story? You know—we often fail to include our own research story in the family history story. Perhaps it is time that we do such a thing.

Some sites to assist you:
National Day of Listening
Oral History Interviewing Guide
Step by Step Guide to Oral History
Tell Your Own Story
Spoken Stories

It is perhaps time to think about new projects to tell the story of the ancestral family. Consider stepping outside of your comfort zone with some new activities:
Document the community.
Look up Benevolent Societies in the community and write about them.
Who were the veterans–WWII, WWI, and Civil War?
Were there any health epidemics that affected your region? Or were there natural disasters like floods, or fires?
Was the family part of the Great Migration? Have you told that story?

Let’s time time over this holiday period to document those stories and to create new traditions perhaps in our own families!

Have a Happy and safe Thanksgiving Everyone!