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African Roots Podcast #9 May 29, 2009

Welcome back to the African Roots Podcast. Today is May 29th 2009.
My name is Angela Walton-Raji and you can reach me at

Today May 29, 2009 at 3 pm at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington Virginia, there will be a special ceremony for Cpl Isaiah Mays a Buffalo Soldier and distinguished Medal of Honor winner. Read the story of Isaiah Mays.

At the National Archives on Wednesday June 3rd there will be an Introduction to Genealogy Workshop at the Washington DC National Archives on 7th & Pennsylvania Avenue. Information can be obtained from the National Archives website.

As June approaches, all are invited to attend the California Genealogy Jamboree June 26-28th at the Burbank Airport Marriott and Conference Center. There are some fascinating Pre-Jamboree events also planned for those planning to attend.

The library system of the University of Pittsburgh has two wonderful African American photo collections that should be investigated. There are photos from the National Urban League of Pittsburgh spanning the years 1928-1958, and there are images from the Teenie Harris Collection. Mr. Harris was a well known photographer in Pittsburgh, known to have documented the life of the black community.

Visit and enjoy the wonderful African American genealogy blog hosted by Drusilla Pair
There are some great lessons to be learned by visiting cemeteries and telling the stories of the lives of the ancestors.

Special attention deserves to be paid to the Down Under Florida video with hosts George Morgan and Drew Smith. You probably know them as the Genealogy Guys who have the ongoing podcasts. The Down Under Florida video depicts the story of William and Nancy Ashley of Tampa Florida a couple faithful to each other. Wonderful information and social commentary stems from this well made video.
Take a look at Down Under Florida, The Ashley Family.

Thanks for joining me for this week’s podcast.
Remember, keep researching, keep documenting and keep sharing what you find.

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African Roots Podcast #8 May 22, 2009

Welcome back to the AfricanRootsPodcast!
You can reach me at
My name is Angela Walton-Raji

Our concerns and prayers are expressed for the restoration of the Madison County Indiana Courthouse that was recently devastated by a terrible fire this week. Information about the situation in Madison County can be found at this site.

The National Archives will host a genealogy workshop on Saturday May 30, 2009 with presenters Reginald Washington and Deborah Daniels of American Legacy Magazine. Reservations are required by calling Call 202-357-5333. The cost for this event is $20.00

Deadline is June 30th for those submitting an entry to the Leon County Florida Heritage Book. For more information contact Leon County Heritage Book Committee.

Several workshops are offered this summer at the New York National Archives facility. These are lunchtime workshops and you can find information on them here. In addition there is an evening workshop coming up, in Pittsfield MA on African American genealogy, on July 22.
Information about the workshop in Pittsfield MA is located on this site.

Selected clips from the Louis Armstong Jazz Oral History Project can be heard on the site of the New York Public Library.

The Missouri State Archives continues to offer many resources for African American Genealogists.
For African Americans of NE Missouri some articles and photographs will be of interest to many.

Explore the wonderful music history of Kansas City and learn about the African American Musicisians Union Local #627 at the University of Missouri Kansas City’s site devoted to Kansas City Jazz.

Learn about Black families of the Ozarks on another site, depicting African American families and history from Ozark Mountain communities.

Some impressive portraits of African Americans in Missouri from 1880 to 1920 are definitely worth exploring.

Those interested in the history of the British perspective of the Atlantic Slave trade and those wishing to learn about the abolitionist movement in Britian will find these two sites to hold plenty of information. One site is Ancestors Magazine an interesting British publication, and the other is the National Archives of the UK.

As usuall continues to offer more resources for genealogists. Visit their holdings for new death records and the new holdings from the Freedman’s Bank.

The six phases of African American genealogy present more challenges as one moves into the phases of documenting ancestors from the era of slavery. These resources may prove useful for you:

Redford, Dorothy Spruill. Somerset Homecoming: Recovering A Lost Heritage. New York: Doubleday, 1988

Woodtor, Dee Parmer. Finding A Place Called Home: A Guide to African-American Genealogy and Historical Identity. New York: Random House,1999

Streets, David H., Slave Genealogy a Research Guide with Case Studies Bowie MD: Heritage Books, 1986.

Fears, Mary Jackson, Slave Ancestral Research, It’s Something Else Bowie MD: Heritage Books, 1995